Donald Trump, William Baras, Rod Rosenstein discussed on Red Eye Radio


Think what Hillary did was criminal. I should've used the term sloppy William Baras acted less than honorably. Oh, and he hates rod Rosenstein. I was the other thing that came out of this and Trump wasn't president. He might be indicted on obstruction charges this this. This is a fantasy of his and it's like, they don't stop lying, and he said well because of long standing Justice department policies that you can't indict a sitting president when the attorney general specifically indirectly said that was not the reason that was not even in consideration of their decision and Muller agreed with it. It it just they want. They have so full of rage in hate. And they feel so justified that they think they're right. And that's what's scary about the super patriots. Because in the process. They're saying to the American people that we don't think you're smart enough there. They think that they are that they should choose a presidential candidate. And I gotta tell you something they have no idea. I my sources tell me that are what's going to do his job. Remember, we wouldn't have had any struck page. Text of it wasn't Horowitz attorney general couldn't be any more clear Muller's over everything you're hearing, you know, watching this the circus unfold, let's get the sergeant of arms, and it will handcuff him in bring him into the House Judiciary committee. So that our lawyers can ask him questions. What does not happen in two thousand six year history of that committee, and this it doesn't matter rod Rosenstein doesn't have strong character white because they didn't do what you did. And you know, lie in and set up a special counsel, you know, all of this. You don't they caught have gone to Donald Trump. It's by the way, we'll worried about somebody in your campaign maybe talking to Russia. Why wouldn't they brought him in because they were setting him up at the first Donald Trump's business guy sits down with Komi? Well, you're my guy..

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