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When I was like, can I tell you a story the the person running the interview One of the people executives calls me up as I'm driving home and is like that Adam Sandler interview I was like going great. I didn't I was oblivious. It up and they're like, what do you mean of great you asked me that has net flicks. I was wondering and like here's a fucking four, hundred, million dollar deal it Netflix's. Netflix. was like Oh. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You call it. Happy Madison. You told him a story about him. You told him a story about you watching one of his movies like you didn't let to talk. Very. He was very nice I. Think spayed restart that interviews areas and then. We did that he watched my special and it was like as long as he knew that I wasn't trying to be a Dick. I was just fucking gotten. We had some people that were to me recently, these Barstool guys who had bad didn't make me laugh once the whole interview and didn't say anything funny and it was very disappointing because I heard those were. Funny guys, and they weren't with me. I'd like to thank our sponsor Miller High Life Miller highlight brings fried the simple things in life. Is An unpretentious quality beer with refreshing champagne tiny bubbles in an iconic glass bottle accessible to all I saw as I left the bubble as a in the Macon Georgia to fly home. I saw one of my cameraman walk in with a a case of Miller high life and I said, Hey, now highlife and he said to me I'm celebrating. 'cause we were done with our show. I thought it was cool. He said that whether it's bigger small there are moments within everyday were celebrating and you can celebrate with Miller highlight the champagne of. Beers. Because it's a high quality within everyone's reach their founders believed in nineteen zero, three on new. Year's what a great time to start a project is New Year's Eve. Their founders believed that everyone should enjoy the good life, which is why they created the champagne of beers..

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