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However, it's not as strong as the Fizer and Moderna Vaccines. Results out just this morning showed the single shot vaccine was 66% effective at preventing moderate to severe illness and much more protective against the most serious symptoms. The VAX Scene work better in the United States compared to South Africa, where it was up against a tougher mutated virus. Johnson and Johnson says it will now file an application for emergency use in the U. S and then abroad. Laurie Kirby WBZ Boston's news radio, has been a lot of talk recently that perhaps wearing two masks would be better than wearing one face mask. Well, Dr Anthony Fauci and the new head of the CDC Rochelle Walensky. Both continue to urge Americans where one and keep social distancing after getting several negative test results. Congresswoman Laurie Trahan says her latest covert test has come back positive. She says she doesn't have any symptoms but is currently in quarantine and now working from home. Ah feeding frenzy continues on Wall Street as small time investors band together to shake the Sharks of the market, Senator Elizabeth Warren says the video retailer Gamestop is being played like a fiddle. Or a casino. In this case, WBC's Drew Mulholland tells us it's starting to get tougher for online trading desks where many stock newbies have been making a whole lot of money was all pretty wild. Robin Hood said yesterday that investors would only be able to sell their positions and not open new ones. In some cases, it was also requiring investors put up more of their own money for certain trades. Instead of using borrowed funds. You would think this could lead to new regulations or laws, people been violating the securities laws by making fragile Statements, but it's hard to say whether anything will actually be done. Securities Attorney Marty Rosen Bob says he's heard the SEC and the exchanges are investigating. No laughing matter. Obviously, although there was a little bit of humor to come out of this whole thing, the worldwide Robin Hood Society, which promotes the tales of the Robin Hood hero quickly gained more than 33,000 followers on Twitter, the Robin Hood Society tweeting Lovely to have all these new followers. I think some people made a mistake their true Mo Holland WBC Boston's news radio Coming up Super Sunday is closed. Again what you need to do to get your big screen TV game in order coming up. It's a 33 check the roadways. Now with Lori Grandee and the Subaru Retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. All right, Jeff, I can definitely tell you it is getting better out there. We do have some leftover delays to get through. The lever connector is one of them, and it continues to be heavy, especially in that far left hand lane. As you come around the garden curve and get on to story Dr. What's your OnStar will drive it around the Longfellow Bridge, and everybody finds their way And it's okay. North Bound Expressway Heavy, slow still Savin Hill to Southampton Street. Watch out for delays to with a breakdown. Actually, it's an accident reported now, state police over to check this out north on on the expressway right at Savin Hill. So that could throw a big monkey wrench into our Our morning commute here eastbound on the mass. Pike Right down, Watch out Force, an SUV with a flat tire. It's in the breakdown lane just before Fenway Park and some delays on the T on the orange line between the States station there and the New England Medical Center. A signaling problem is the problem. Lori granted.

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