United States, North Korea, Ritz Carlton Hotel discussed on Arizona's Morning News


Reason for that was just so that it wasn't clear which one kim turned himself would be on perhaps that's what's happening on the way back as well so i believe that it's a it's a twelve hour time difference between the east coast in the us and singapore which means the meeting starts tonight right eastern time technically tomorrow that's rising nine pm eastern and then the whole issue here obviously centers on denuclearization but the us wants kind of an all at once approach verifiable irreversible denuclearization in north korea is saying this needs to be a phased approach is is that still what we know going in yeah i think those are the basic tuitions and whether or not there's been any in bridging that gap is something that we still don't know yet simply because actually didn't sitting in a conference room at the ritz carlton hotel all day today these are senior officials from both sides about trump and kim themselves of course but there presumably trying to hash out final details here all right so mr trump seems to have watered down expectations well seven weeks ago the us isn't going to be satisfied if you've been a complete nicaragua's asian but just a few days ago he seemed to suggest that look this is i get to know you meeting which is a process that we're starting and if that is the lowering expectations and yeah that that that does appear to be wouldn't thought about for mr kim has has he said his own expectations well north korea has not been terribly forthcoming about exactly what they're aiming for but most experts think that what they want is they want recognition as a nuclear state that is to say we have nuclear weapons we've completed our program and we don't expect to give them up we expect you to come to grips with the reality of our status and they can do that potentially by finding a peace treaty with the us that preserves their nuclear weapons and i think for many people that that that is a potential fear those who don't want north korea to be acknowledged as a nuclear state speaking live this morning with the wall street journal's jonathan chang who is in singapore for the trump kim summit how about best case and worst case scenarios well the worst case scenario is probably pretty pretty clear that.

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