Donald Trump, UNH, Israel discussed on The Matt Allen Show


With russia then allegedly working with trump advisors before the election to make public negative information about democrats following a cyber attack of the dnc those named in the suit include several top trump adviser who attended the june two thousand sixteen meeting in trump tower with the russian lawyer including trump confidante roger stone former campaign chairman paul manafort former campaign adviser george popadopoulos and others the suit alleges a huge racketeering hacking and fraud conspiracy that democrats say hurt them through wikileaks publication of internal dnc emails john stolnis washington the gaza health ministry says two more palestinians including a fifteen year old boy have been killed by his rayleigh army fire they would bring to four the number of palestinians killed by israel forces today the fourth weekly protests in the border area you are teaming up with woods hole woods hole in unh to bring a new research vessel to the bay campus here's wpro's bill haberman the graduate dean of oceanography verse cordless says time is winding down in on the current research vessel endeavor she is now forty years old scheduled to be taken out of service over the next few years brings great visibility to to the state of rhode island is well university rhode island and it also provides technical abilities of that can be very useful for the state is part of the east coast consortium which is bidding to operate the hundred million dollar research festival which mung other things eleven enhanced ability to map the ocean floor on other things the endeavor was used to help in the development of the block island wind farm bill haberman wpro news the central falls man being held accused of taking sexually explicit pictures of a toddler the us attorney's office says thirty eight year old jose court is charged with producing and possessing child pornography the investigation began last november after the.

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