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Right now. Join T mobile unlimited family plan with Netflix included. So you can watch more places than ever before on your phone, tablet, or TV plus by one Samsung galaxy S nine and get one free with twenty four monthly Bill credits. So you and your family can injure. Netflix favorites on new phones. Call one eight hundred t mobile or visit a store today. Unlimited data network. Video streams at forty p small fraction of customers using over fifty reduced speeds, if you cancel balances do well qualified customers full price seven twenty plus tax agreements required networks. Two screens terms apply. Ready for some good news life insurance is more affordable than you think. Ready for some even better news. Your coverage can start today and financial agent is ready to help you select the right policy from the most trusted life insurance companies, and it's all done over the phone one. Call and you're on the way to the protection your family needs. Call one eight six six two four four fifty five eighty to get covered today or get a quote at e financial dot com or school has been back in session and most schools have been closed for a couple of weeks now, but today summer is gone until next year at nine fifty four eastern time tonight, the tunnel equinoxes happens officially ending summer and ushering. In fall. The economics happens when the sun is. Directly in line with the equator which gives the northern and southern hemispheres an equal amount of daylight moving forward days, we'll begin to grow shorter for us in the northern hemisphere, while the southern hemisphere, we'll see the sun for longer every day. It also means cooler temperatures for us and the autumnal foliage that generally Grace's the landscape this time of year. I'm John Stolnis to PECS Texas corrections officers got a big surprise when they picked up a donation of bananas. They found eighteen million dollars worth of cocaine hidden underneath a local businessman donated the fruit to the Texas Department of criminal Justice prison system, not knowing about the drugs hidden inside when officers began one load, the forty five boxes of bananas. They found five hundred forty kilos of cocaine and turn the case over to customs and DA agents who are now conducting an investigation. It's seventy two degrees and partly sunny in New York. The humidity is at fifty one percent wins out of the northwest at ten miles per hour. It's seventy two we're going up to seventy six and midtown wins. News time twelve fifty five..

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