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He's a Sam Jackson, I don't care what he's playing Sam Jackson, why he pages or at the very end of Infinity war because it's like that. So he's calling at the end. So it's like, you know, now we'll get to see why she such a big deal in this movie, but they going to say that nineties action movies are is not the worst reference in the world, especially when you start looking at RoboCop total recall, even starship troopers a little bit Schwartz says Terminator two independence day. There's there. They are high concept action, movies that feel. Jesus afflicted up. There's a high cops, high-concept action movie feel there that ends up being very character base, but also super badass which is kind of the bull's eye we wanted to hit. So from from how he explains, it seems like they're going to kind of hearken back to like the really cool action movies in the nineties down with that, which if you namedrop Terminator in your comparing to your movie Terminator two, especially on my okay. I'm sold like, I don't know what's happening with this Brian. I'm so because Terminator two is if not the one of in my opinion known in that opinion, there are quite a few people that Terminator two is they're, they're shit right there. Yeah, like Arnold was at his like prime Arnold nece movie Terminator two is it's glory. I love the cover though. That cover is I'm not one to buy the. Magazines, but I that. That could be in my shelf sometime soon. 'cause that covers your? No, I the wonder woman pose that you didn't know that wonder woman poster that she had that really cool one where she's holding the sword. She has her shield on the side shit like this, even showing like a little bit of her powers and the cover to her hands or glowing energy and shit, like going through it because she from what Kevin foggy explains. She is going to be the most powerful, marvel character we've seen so far today. So even more so than Thor, and the whole can shit like that. So that's kind of why it's such a big deal that they're getting her in because it's like Thanos has the full gauntlet now and everything else. It was like they need to bring out the big guns because hoax being a bitch. So, hey, we gotta we gotta do something to balance the scale. So to speak. But yeah, no, they because of how the big gun is a woman by the way. Oh, yeah, that that's inspiring. Oh, you know, for sure if she she, her character is very like in your face and like does not mince words like she's, she is not. She won't be a black widow. She won't be good Maura or something like she. She's to be her own is gonna be a Tony stark? Probably probably probably like a mix of Tony in Steve together. Kind of like you know that kind of in your face attitude of Tony, but then still kinda humble and has values you. So you know, I think that it could be like a good blend, but the biggest thing that most people were excited about it because we actually get to see her in her full on costume and is not green. Right. 'cause like different photos, we saw it was like green and. Filner. Right. And it was just like, this is. Yeah, this is the captain marvel movie, like, I guess, but this, it looks like it fits her. Well, like the colors look good. Like I really like her here and she kind of has that nineties Rachel friends here. I mean, that's what they're going for though, eating take place in the ninety. So I get that now one of the surprising things about this is that we're going to be catching up with some characters that we have not seen in quite some time actually. So in guardians of the galaxy, I'm gonna, fuck this guy's name Zhou mon- Hans sue. I think it's how you say his name. He's that he's do from that. Steven Spielberg movie about the slave ship. What was it called? Fucking hell. I can't think of the name of that movie right now. I want to say someone a, oh, I wanna say. That narrows it I know. Right, right. Well. Anyway, the whole point is he, he plays the guy in guardians of the galaxy who doesn't know who star Lord his star Lord. He's who like that dude..

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