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New bodies the golden sleeves which creates a lot of twists and turns it's called altered carbon and Machiavelli is our hero this time around isn't this season as this mercenary on a mission the whole show is framed with this deep seated love story Renee Elise Goldsberry is involved to kick in but in this one I think is right but I think that his character is one with somebody else right that's the beauty of it I can change it it's sort of this anthology type vibe and if you like an escape to another world with new rules this is great for him yeah yeah okay all right you're the other one was called and verified Genter Friday gentrifying a neighborhood yeah T. I. yeah okay yeah this one is called altered carbon and where can you watch that Netflix it's not for either of you okay but Donnie here's the thing I don't want to live in this world altered carbon so sometimes watching something that's not happening right now is this Cape I need from right now as well okay might want to try it all right we'll see you have to start with season why of course they will season one he didn't come back for season two but it's one of your favorite actors Joel Kinnaman is last season one might yet no I think I I think I wanted to watch I think Casey maybe is wanted to watch is very wild yeah so I love it like last year no you hear any of that except this into a little bit okay were people so yeah you just there's mines act like that yeah I basically people are immortal it's three four hundred years five reviews in the future no more death I will tend to ask I want to be live forever though yeah don't worry you're not going to I'm not keen on work great for you okay okay yeah okay it is like doing the show without an audience no you can buy really doing all work does all life does everybody does so we feel it till another showing we just there you go again yes yeah and like you said Katie keen Riverdale yes you read segments anything on the CD reporter it back how.

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