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I remember last year when I was at my old trainer, I was just lifting really heavy and doom back squats and and all that stuff. And I came into camp. Unit. I was probably like one ninety five, five, eleven just look great on the owner. Cake couldn't move, but this year it's just a lot of lighter lifting and mobility stuff, and lot of band work all that all that stuff. So I loved it so far. It's been awesome really made the switch. I keep hearing about these Andy O'Brien, warm-ups, they lost the border or just hit mobility than you're doing a lot of sprinting and directional stuff. Yeah, it's pretty crazy. I mean, bringing out a little foot injury to start the year, but the the off season you're here. So me and lucrative and all these dynamic warm-ups and we come back into the gym and just be rinsed sweat and all I smoke starting an hour and a half and finish warmup. So yeah, it's it's good though. I guess you're going how you want to take care of the Baud. So I in eighty O'Brien is Sidney Crosby's trainer for those who are listening and don't know. That's kind of how I wouldn't see how he got his name, but how he became a famous hawkish rain or now everyone takes him. Siri very seriously, of course, because SIDS off ice is is insane. Have you guy. Ever had the chance to train with them when I was with them in pit, he was always in the gym after games after practices, you could see that he really took his training and his body serious. And I think that's why he's one of the best players in the world. And I think when he's been working with Andy and they see what kind of work that he's done, I think it's word of mouth and and he's got such a great reputation now that Luke Bryan just started last couple years. You started this year and I've heard nothing but good things about it. Yeah, McKinnon did it. So we kind of said, you should try this and it's kind of funny it'll be in the gym, and you'll have like bands wrapped around your head for your posher and around your arms and people looking at you, like, what's this guy doing over here? He plays in that it this way you gotta do to make that it's funny. Well, that's right. Because Andy usually gives you the program and then you guys go do on your own, or are you doing this type of stuff like a regular gym, or is it mostly athletes in new dim? It's a little bit of a, it's a mix. I mean, you got mostly off as, but there's a couple of randoms that are in there. Some of the older people, and it's a couple people soccer moms. Excellent. Excellent. I haven't been pretty good setup though. You got the indoor turf and all of a sudden it's awesome. It's, I mean, you kind of like, oh, you're at a public gym. It's whatever that that can't be good, but it's been awesome so far. But it's it's funny, like watching some of the older guys come over saying, what the hell are you guys do like you can't tell me to make this season if I could go back. I wish I would've known about all this conventional stuff. Is that a lifting heavy because my body fell apart because of it ties I wanted Grenell. He's our college hockey experts and ask you a few questions come up. You weren't there long, but what was it like playing home games, the Ralph. I mean, place has been. It is right. And that's North Dakota, correct? Yeah. North Dakota's at university North Dakota's only fair year, but it's unbelievable. Like I mean, it's hard even explain. It's. I can say it's like an NHL game, but it's not because it's more electric. Like you got the fans in the student section doing all these chants job. Remember being on the bench, and I look into the student section sometimes whatever an internet TV time or whatever and. See students can carry it out of the race by security and like pasta, and people are puking and it's just electric. And he's obviously never been to a clone rockets..

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