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Into the game. You kind of your money. That's how you find out all my bets for safe that wouldn't be any juice, juice point, spreads the prop bets. But teasers the parlays from Vegas to you. These these behind the bad. Welcome in latest behind the bed podcast. I'm Doug zero. And we were taping this on Wednesday January ninth very sad day that end of the polish. Four one out for that. Would you think of the national change of game on Monday night? Oh, man. I loved it. I really got a kick out watching Clemson turn it up. It was not what everybody expected, of course, which I love more. And you didn't see me yesterday. I walked on campus all day with a Clemson hat on is that just a mess with people. Either people were just stop talking to me about Trevor lords or they were just giving me evil scowls either way. I got a kick think where such SEC bias around here. I wasn't. I just looked at the hat. I remember I got the head years ago. I think it was to match some Airmax had nothing to do with any Clemson allegiance because I'm a ruckus fan, of course. But I said, you know, what I'm just going to wear this all day. It just see what reaction I guess good. I liked that. I liked that play the Senate did it today. But I think yesterday would have been a lot more effective now. We'll talk about it with John Murray. Mr. director coming up here on the podcast. I think the game was a lot closer than people kind of want to say it was with that being said Clemson. Could name the score on offense. Clemson took the foot off the gas. But I feel like the game was much more competitive again. We'll talk about it with Mr. director and which the first round the NFL playoffs. Man giant did not play. Right. Well, okay. No. The giants did not play. Fortunately, maybe maybe we'll get Haskins knows. I don't know. What's going on with that? Anyway, I was very upset to see the Cowboys win because I'm extreme cowboy hater. But other than that. It was great shots at colts. You know? Yeah. Lot of wild outcomes easily y particularly that's that that Dallas game the mentioned we'll get into all that just mayhem with the two point conversion and the Sebastian Janikowski injury. So a lot to get through with Mr. director as let's go on here on the podcast..

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