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About you you know about foreign placed about quality training facilities, getting local governments involved in supporting the promoting the. The activity for the young ladies. So all those things weakness big we're GONNA be speaking there in India and. Again. Your strivings head their national academy. Invest in the world. And Guessing that's why of events the events to the place on. Yet. Not more quality because he is way ahead of is a non quality or this is now in the market engine clubs have dominated. Gloves. In terms of saying. Via from from Austin to India many years were. Between the back of India Global Illit gloves, which even Jerry was when my is it clubs so but behold. The At also, then lost move. US Ninety Ninety ignited. Added A, what was it expediency because that's the same face like I might buy. Some off. The less salt on. Of the. Best Prime Minister. Of A genetic. And of the mental, the emergence of the new league art eminent so-called that be. Expedient from that. Would across the on a low single snyder. We play we play the national team play against the the. Replay. site. I. Started out on suitable alone deal and that was a we actually play in a strategy against the New York Cosmos repelling. We played against vacuum hose always fight against the Sydney Sydney cricket ground. That was people we actually baked into one. That MSL was. It was as soon as the old Lincoln, the Gilbert. FAMOUS SAWS come apply the five or six games and go back to their clothes and to be honest to be honest it was not it was a cvs. Leaking? Is this vehicle to develop? Very confirmable. What it was it was a show showcase arrested the tasks. The would get lots of kids playing football. Because I looked today. Wow, that's good. Let me let me and so he grew the game of soccer group because of the itself. Had to get serious those kids have no supply. You know. They couldn't joke from being a college kid to play against telling so. That had to that to be rethought and then so you got the team that seem very. Where they took is handicap the mode camp and play the American thing and then you got progressing to the MLS which is a much more serious league. He's one where the guy in connection developed in the. Houston molasses of equal. So I think the American guy. Is followed you like India. It's gone from this league, which was a very good vehicle. Go people used to the yeah. Even more interesting. Now, we have a lead the can actually develop light the Jangly. Generally was offensive. And Mooney from there was invested in youth and that's soi think the let's hope the him they are selling now. If we can learn from all of these the. Different Leagues of that's all we. Out arguer Japan, you had boosted the. So. Japan more successful Asian countries in the boy talking were club football mentioning what we? Are, in can learn from Japanese for bought into the mid something. On them. Many, many things many many things that. I'm saying the Indian Kabuga, the off law people in the journey. found. Say They can learn from Japan the way the white. House. So it's curious in the. Indo approaching developments so..

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