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Seven FM. Newsradio nine twenty four seven FM. So what less than three weeks to go now for the silly season to finally be over? So as they say in horse racing and down the stretch, they come and Allan Fung GOP candidates going to land as many body blows on the incumbent as you possibly can down the stretch. Tom Mooney who's covering things to the Providence Journal says Republican gubernatorial candidate Fung yesterday used the deaths of nineteen children in state care over a couple of years. These examples of governor Raimondo's what he calls and conscionable stewardess ship of the state's child welfare system antiquated. One Raimondo's fellow Democrats to emphasize his point he was speaking outside the downtown offices of the department of children youth and families and phone quoted, south Kingstown, Representative Teresa Tanzi who said back in April of two thousand seventeen during a legislative hearing on several of the child deaths that the governor quote kept DC Y F without qualified director for twenty four months. You have to wonder if. Some of this horror could have been prevented had that not been the case. Now Raimondo's campaign wasted very little time in responding. In fact, they actually sent out a preemptive statement, it was issued a minute before Fung's news conference started. And it said quote mayor Ellen phones decision to knowingly mislead Rhode Islanders politicize vulnerable. Children in state care makes it clear that his feeling campaign is resorting to dirty politics poll question today. So we've got GOP gubernatorial candidate Allan Fung, holding Governor Raimondo responsible for DC Y F children deaths is he politicizing a tragedy..

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