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Tested positive this morning, Austin Schlachman And Damar. Dotson reportedly are two guys in close contact that were sent home, Vic Fangio said. Let's just do zoom today. Um and not, you know. Chance. It. And the Broncos have done As well as any team in the NFL. I mean, you have to give them that when it When has come to these protocols and Ah! Staying healthy and everything that Broncos have done one of the better jobs of any team in the league. But It goes back to what Vic Fangio said a couple weeks ago, going in the New England game, like just when the Broncos players were complaining. Be thankful. It's not you. And Here We are, with the Broncos now being the team that has a positive test. It's inevitable and you guys know what's going on in our state right now. You know that we're you know, going back down the level two or whatever. Now I have to. It's like the the the Terrorism colors like I gotta learn What all this Means for everything I could never remember. But, you know, we're backtracking here on capacities and restaurants and in public places and things like that. The the Health Department. Estimates that one out of every 200 people in the state right now have it. And when you're a roster of half 100 guys Ah, you know, Not to mention that you travel all across the country to collide with other guys for three hours on a Sunday It's inevitable. Inevitable that every team will be affected by this at some point. The good news is it's just one guy. Although you feel for Graham, Glasgow. He was very positive on Twitter earlier today. Said. He's feeling good, so that's good to know. Um Still waiting for the tweet from the guy saying that he's doing terribly Not that I'm looking forward to it, but it seems like These athletes, they're like. No, I'm good. But anyway, that's I don't mean to go down that road because that's a whole another subject for a different platform. But, um Doesn't look like the game's going to be altered. But again that is dependent on their not being mohr positive tests. And I think Vic Fangio made the right call in just saying, you know, forget it. It's just not Not have practice today and let's try to be as healthy as we can be. And Not Exacerbate potentially the problem and let's try toe get a game in on Sunday. So one positive test for the Chargers one for the Broncos. But contact tracing Being what it is. Guys were quarantined. Now they're good and, ah We should have Ah, game with a little bit of jockeying and lob it little bit of maneuvering. But ultimately two o'clock on Sunday it will come down to drew lock in Justin Herbert. That's What this game is is going to be and Ah, you wonder if Drew Locke is going to have some of the Problems that he had against Kansas City. In the sense of You know, constantly trying to throw deep. Let's say Justin Herbert and the Chargers jump out toe like 10. Nothing lead. Will we see Drew lock revert back to some of these habits. He's He's been asked to much this week about it because here's the thing after the New England game. People were quick to point out that guys were dropping passes. Yes, the offense wasn't spectacular, but in terms of drew lock The receivers were letting him down. To great extent against New England. Kansas City Drew locker was the biggest problem. So the focus and the blame has really been on drew lock this week, and I do think that he Will be more cognizant of where he's throwing the football and, well, maybe not be so dead set on bombing it downfield. Sternly think the Broncos Would hope that's the case. And I think that we'll get a little bit, But I just don't want the Broncos to lose their aggressiveness. Um Because they think that it gives them a slightly better chance to beat the The Chargers on Sunday, but it'll be interesting. Good measuring stick for Drew Ock for sure. But a good measuring stick for this Broncos team in total, because I think they and the Chargers are ah I think they're You know, they're the Mame of the two Spiderman pointing at each other. I think that For different reasons, but I think they're basically on the same level. Um And why, but we'll find out on Sunday. Try being interesting one. Story number two today. Still with football. I'm meant to bring this up. The Buffs have named their starting quarterback if you did not see Ah! They got their opener next weekend against And they have decided the name Sam Neuer, their starting quarterback for this season, and according to Brian, how friend of the program from the Boulder Daily camera, he says. That Neuer has been a little bit better operationally, then Tyler Lyttle. That said the competition's very close and he wants to give both of them some playing time, which That is just music to the ears of bus faints right or any team. Right when you say that you want to play both quarterbacks. Not usually a good thing and not that we were expecting. You know the quarterback position to be an area of strength for this Colorado Buffaloes team, But it will be Neuer Game the start against We'll see where we went. Where goes? Of course, CSU last night started there. Ah! Season, and it did not go well..

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