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Face all right once again i want to keep my sincerest and warm squishy. Thank you to mr michael. How it's always such a delight to have you on the show and it's always just the light you period and be sure to check out michael overrun defender radio. When you can't if you love animals you just can't get enough of that big handy dropping basso voice of his and speaking of panty dropping. You want to know what made my panties hit the floor this week. No patrick really down. But you know what. I'm going to tell you anyway. So just deal with me and that person would be kevin w have his whole name here. But i'm not saying just because i'm discrete and stuff. Kevin lead to review on pod chaser. This was a while ago. This is back. Goon gosh october of two thousand. Nineteen when we were just starting on pod chaser and i didn't have a lottery visa. I think i still don't have a lot of reviews there. But kevin was among the first and kevin gave me five stars in kevin said how have only two people his amazing delve into the world of horror. Patrick is a wonderful host with years of experience at both horror anti-gay under his rainbow belts. We love you. Thank you like eva. Gabor showed up at the end of that's fabulous. Thank you make you make you have lots of experience both horror and being gay about to put that second one on my resume from now on. I thought of that. I really appreciate that kevin. You made my day made me giggle. I mean i loved it. At the time i love it again now. So here's the thing is. I am officially horry myself reviews. Some of us would really help me right now. I'm trying to score a sponsor and they're really interested in podcast reviews exit. I don't get that many. I know forever and a lot of you already left them. But here's the thing. If you use this particular site love the podcast dot com. You can leave a review here on just about any partic- platforms have already left one and you can leave one on chaser or on google podcasts or on cashbox or on podcast addict you put them just spend anywhere. You can double down. What's in it for me patrick. Well i'll tell you you could win big. Yep that's right because i'm announcing count. Yes everybody who leaves review from now until the end of march we'll be entered to win a digital copy of the four and a half hour documentary into iconic eighties horror films and search of darkness volume. One gets. all you have to do is go to love the podcast dot com slash kriens. Pick any one of those platforms and review and to be wise words wise. Shoot me a note and let me know that you did it. Because there's a lot of you have like. You're not like kevin w here now putting your whole name on here. You have fun little screenings. And i'm able to track you down so if you leave review leno and you'll be entered into the contest. Win win win. Win win win win. Now before i wrap things up tell you what's going to be going on in the next few episodes of skirting who eaton's thank you to my affiliates my partners and my squeegees by lenny talking about first of all squad cast. Hey wasn't it nice to hear episode that recorded with squad cast this time after that last one. Go golly miss molly so easy to edit and it's so much easier to listen to because squad cast does remote recordings for professional broadcasters. Now you might not consider yourself a professional podcast but you know what you can sound like one and it's totally worth it. The the number one reason if you're a podcast or the number one reason people turn off about guest is because the sound is bad or not up to their liking or is irritating or is somehow inadequate. Don't play that game. Don't sell like an amateur. Get a hold of some squad cats in your life and you can get a seven-day free trial by going over to bit dot li slash squad queens and of course that's queens with the z bit. Let squad queens. And of course a big huge huge wet sticky mildly inappropriate hug to mine fabulous oil must lead hunky hairy sweaty groovy sexy dance. Ninja jedi knights over at captivated is the only podcast host in the world that is dedicated to growing your podcast and they make it extremely easy you know how much used to cry about between president. Like trying to the old hosting site podcast. It was a nightmare and captivate. Everything's insanely easy every week. We get new features that make things even better and incredible customer service. And it's just a fabulous place to be you know why put yourself through hell captivate. Fm and again just like broadcasting seven-day free trial by going to bic dot li slash captivate bit dot. Least captivate has q another. We got a dirty dirty business out of the way. Tell patrick what's next. What are we going to do next. And scream queens. Well we're gonna keep the last next time next time. We're going to be looking at the neil simon nineteen seventy-six they comedy murder by death. The movie disproves all the classic mystery. Detectives they'll get together in a house and someone there's a murder and have to figure everybody's in its. It's incredible comedic cast of stars. It's gay fabulous. We're gonna have a great time to do that. I'm gonna be joined by ms kristen petty from killing your dogs. that's right. She's coming home about dan. Just gonna be me and kristen's what that means. It's gonna be a girls night. At the gay. Yeah games were drinking. Gizmos talking about boys. That's what's going to be talking about murder by death but do all those things simultaneously. So it's going to be a great show. But but i'm very happy to announce it's going to be a very special month because you know the way things have been here in america for the past couple of years and also working on friday the thirteenth series over on dan lewis has made me really appreciate how absolutely fabulous candidate is and how fabulous canadian horror is so april will be onscreen. Greens officially canadian hotter appreciation month. He oh canada. We think you're fucking rats. The movies that we are going to cover for canadian appreciation. I'm gonna continue that tradition. That i started with giancarlo up back in october. When i said we're going to do one really famous one and one not so famous but fabulous hidden gem. So for the big one. We're going to be doing the ultimate romantic slasher my bloody valentine and then things are gonna get weird and get creepy because for the sleeper hit. Or you're talking about pen- have you haven't seen penn. It's really weird and very uncomfortable. An absolutely incredible so that's going to be superfund lining up the guests. They'll and we're gonna have a great time for the next few weeks so if you would like to get in touch with me here at the show you can follow me on facebook by doing a search on scream queens where hara gets gay and follow the page. You can find me on. Twitter at scream queens. I'm on instagram at scream. Queens podcast if you wanna leave a review head on over to love that podcast dot com slash scream queens and if you like what you heard earlier on that little sample of dan lewis and you want to support the show become a patron become a patriot at www dot patriots dot com slash scream queens and if you are not committed to doing some kind of monthly subscription but you like what i do here on the show or if you really like something that happened here today or i'd major day or something that you know. What else do you mind me coffee either. One time donation at by me. A coffee dot com slash graham grains three dollars. Five dollars one dollars. Whatever you want every little bit helps keep this show go when what else helps. Keep the show going if you follow this show now. We had a big announcement. Big shakeup in the podcasting world. This week because i tunes is dropping. The word subscribe from their podcast anymore because they decided to subscribe makes people think that it's going to cost them something to follow show so now we're using follow as a term. They're changing terminology. So if you're not already following scream queens or whatever your favorite podcast. Please do if you had a good time. Please share a link to the show with your friends. Say hey this movie sounded great which check out guys talk about. Hey there's a crazy canadian guy. Show is cool beard and the main my pants fall. Listen to it. Share a love shared the love. Share the love. Because i've got so much to give so until next time. My beautiful beautiful screaming continued to make the world more fabulously creepy place and added. Do that really easy you that scream queens. Golden rule that. I'm always going on about if say long with me. Oh my god like a twelve step program but you know what it's a fabulous twelve step program. All right fighter flight survived an. I'd make it to the final reel. Where a fucking mask. Wash your fucking hands. Keep your fucking distance. Stay fucking fabulous because it looks like a brighter days coming real soon. They'll next ma love you. All of them music for tonight's show unless otherwise specified has been written by aids. You can find all of his music at www dot cam dot com and aero..

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