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And was ranked by TV Guide is one of the 50 greatest shows of all. Time. And I got to tell you, Brian, I don't know that show. Well, I mean, I know of it, and I know what it is, and I recognized the music. I recognize most everything about it, but I've never seen an episode that I know of. I mean, I think we've watched a few of them. Growing up those many years ago wasn't my favorite show, so I couldn't say that. I loved it. It is interesting that they're they're saying it's one of the 50. I mean, that's crazy. Best shows of all time and neither one of us really watch it. So we're probably in the minority there because clearly everybody else is watching. The only thing that no coming from Music radio and having worked music radio My whole life. The Rockford Files. That theme song was done by Mike Post, and he also did Hill Street blues and both songs were actual hits on the radio. Not just You know, because, right? Yeah, on the on the television show But yeah, written by the same guy. It's always fun to. I'd love stuff like that when you when you learn something that no, just it's like jeopardy for me. I love the TV show Jeopardy. One of my favorite TV show. Maybe my favorite TV shows of all time. I don't know where that ranks. Of of the top 50 shows of all time, but jeopardy. Better be up there. Ryan After people retire we were talking about in the last segment. I love the beach. I want to retire to beach. My wife loves the lake. She would rather retire the lake. And I know you're kind of you like the beach. You don't know that you could live there, so everybody looks at a little bit differently, and I get that But perhaps you want to move to a place with no income tax like Florida, where I went no income Tax. Texas, Tennessee That was their ones that I can think of right off the top of my head market Watch says. That's just one of the factors you need to consider. If you're thinking about trying to reduce your tax bill, what other advice Do you think listeners right now who are thinking about relocating? What would you say to them? Well, I mean, it's not just about lowering your tax. It's about having more income. I mean, how are you going to generate more income while you pay less tax right. It's figure out a game plan for your whole retirement plan. You know, just moving to another state is going to solve all your problems. If you spend more money than you make, right, right, Or you know your investments are returning any kind of yield. So I mean, there's there's a lot or your cost of, you know, I mean, we've had clients coming. I'm really interested in getting a business owner any in these I really need to get help of my investments and We went through everything. Okay, This is great. And, yeah, you're paying some high fees. Your broker's charging you a lot, And you know, you got this high variable annuity. That's a lot of costs, and he had those ingenuity. He kept on calling it this, you know, guarantee insurance thing or something like that. It's not the same thing. Well, I wouldn't call it insurance guarantee thing, but, yeah, no, it was just because you work in the industry and I don't have that's what it's called. I don't know what to call it. 30. Dangerous thing sounds more like what is that on the statement is a variable annuity mean come up with Myself so, but the point is that he's coming in, and that's how it works. Sometimes really funny how we found out that the insurance he was paying for was so expensive his health insurance And you know what? You're evaluating Dissolve insurance? Yeah, because he's complaining about and I said, Well, that's a pain points like a doctor. You're going to the doctor, and he's like, Well, I'm paying all these gosh, durn Fees. You know where I'm having this pain in my side. Will the doctor starts poking around? Yeah, right. It starts asking questions. Why? Why do you have pain in your back? Well, you know, maybe you got some kind of tumor back there. Let's do a cat scan is doing him around. Maybe got a pulled muscle. Maybe let's go on the road to Morocco. Yeah, Yeah, maybe maybe shouldn't been surfing, You know, maybe the ocean. Maybe you just need to get a little more exercise to strengthen those muscles and you're gonna be fine. Right. You did more stretching some yoga, whatever. But the point is wind start looking for health insurance like you don't either. Why do you have a tune and $50 a duck the ball. You guys were healthy, like, why are you paying for this one? The last time you had a claim, I don't know. It's been 20 years and we have a healthy we exercise workout. You know where there were slim? You know, everybody. There is a small business for that kind of knew everybody that was in the group. Like why you paying so much? You're just giving away the insurance companies figured this out, okay? They're They're not giving you a better plan because they're nice. You're paying for it. So let's cut your cost. I mean, it was like, ridiculous. We're saving like $20,000 by cutting it to a higher deductible. I said the money that you're saving you could put in the counted invested. And then when you do actually have the claim you've got the money because you didn't pay into the insurance company. Cash is king. You ever heard of that one? But yes, I have. And I feel like the more I know about my finances. The more That that's true, The more I need on hand. The more that I want on him with the uncertainty of everything happened in the world like I want to be. This is gonna sound crazy. Maybe it won't. My wife makes fun of me for it. Laura makes fun of me for this. I keep in my sock drawer and envelope and every time I have an extra dollar $2.10 dollars $50.100 dollars when I sold Set of tires because I bought a new set of tires for my truck. I just wanted them to look different. And the brand new tires that came on my truck. I mean, literally had, you know, 100 miles on, so I sold him really cheap to to a guy on Facebook marketplace. And I took the $600. And I just stuck it in that envelope. I'm up to about $1600. Now. My wife. I thought you're gonna say, like 60 bucks or something and saved No, no, it's like $1600. But it's in an envelope in my sock drawer. And my wife thinks I'm absolutely one sandwich sock drawer because that kind of Oh, no. Well, you tell everybody. L am one. It's the top drawer right next to the chest, right drawer. There and your address is 81 over? Yeah, so, yeah, but, I mean, the idea is that sometimes folks come in for one thing thinking that's the big problem, And there's something else that you confined because, you know, I didn't realize that I was in the information business. I had no idea when I started this industry. I thought You know, I got approached by a district manager to what's called a captive investment firm, and they came to me saying, Oh, you get to help people give advice and and you get to give him all this great advice on their retirement plans. Like, Well, that sounds pretty exciting, right? You know, you get to help people and because my parents were nearing retirement at that time, So there were three retirees can, you know? Building their wealth and planning returns like I could help my parents and the people I care about right? And your friend grandparents who were with Yeah, we're tired. It was like this is great. But what's really funny is that end up finding I'm in the information business. The more information that folks give us the more we're able to help him, right. It's unbelievable that people that restrain and hold back and don't give that information. Really Well, there's not much we can do for you. You know, there's only so much you can help because you only have so many pieces of the puzzle to put together. You know, this is not, you know. Sorry. I mean, I don't know. I feel like there's something missing here and then it's funny. Sometimes those folks do become clients. In a year or two later, something else comes up. Oh, yeah, By the way, I got this real estate property if you're talking about or accountable here, surely it's not something that big just for talking about. Well, they just failed to mention it because Yeah, it's Zumbi IMEs. It's just, you know. Hey, I'm gonna give you a little bit and then eventually those kind of things come out. But the point is transparency up front is huge to be able to help someone in their retirement because You know, it's like going to the doctor. If you don't tell him all your aches and pains and how you're eating and how much your exercise If you lie about all that they're going to give you the wrong diagnosis or nice if you're talking about back to your back earlier. No, You're exactly right. That is exactly right. And look, that's what it's kind of what you do. You're like a doctor of money or doctor of finance. If you will just helping people make sure that they make the right.

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