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November 16th, time now on WTO. Before he came. Grab a good weather all the apes and when it breaks, let's check in with Richard this morning to the WTO traffic center. At least one tow truck on the scene with U.S. park police and Maryland state highways on the crash southbound Baltimore Washington Parkway just south of the powder mill road again you get by single file to the left, kind of keeping an eye on it just in case they have to stop traffic again when they recover the vehicle that went off the roadway, but again, just be careful approaching just a brief tap in the brakes getting past it, once you pass it, nothing else in your way headed down toward the beltway or inside the beltway, headed toward the district. Now the beltway in Maryland from Montgomery and prince George's counties as of late without issue. Nothing to report on the Virginia side as well between Alexandria and maclean of folks have been moving pretty well. Back in Maryland, don't forget in Germantown, you can not continue to run clock road that is closed again between matini road wearing station road as a result of a 24 inch water main break and again some structural damage done to the road surface according to our listeners yesterday, so again, they may be out there for a while for now, avoid it if you can. Just remember you can't continue through on clock road headed toward two 70 as a result of the closure. Now, if you're traveling on to 70 itself again from Frederick down to the bubble you're looking good, headed into the district early, no major issues along I two 95 north of D.C. two 95 south as of late post suitland Parkway and south capital street without issue. Do you have to work some that remain in place in Virginia 66 eastbound, beginning just after the manassas rest area had passed 29 incentive continuing past 28 toward the fairfax county Parkway, single right lane gets you by that work zone, and then again, you're down to a single right lane as you approach the capital balloon merrifield, but again, volume is still light enough not seeing anything and as far as big delays go, but just be aware, that could slow you down at least some this morning, but at least no other issues in your way. Ashley's Black Friday sale starts now, beat the crowds to Ashley's best furniture deals, save 25% off all furniture or 60 months no interest financing. Shop early say big at Ashley, rich hunter WTO traffic. It is not a pretty start to

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