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He was on the jim bohannon show as we have the latest missile test by north korea causing great consternation have yanking the chain of volvo big powers the chang our guest is with the heritage foundation at heritage dot org as their research fellow a chinese political and security fares vowed it it is thought that the chinese and the russians would have the most influence on kim jong own assuming that anybody has that budget fluids let's start with china because of almost all of korea's trade is with china has generally been thought i think that that the chinese could bring the that regime down three weeks if they wanted to and all this stuff i've heard about how the chinese fear a horde of refugees entering into manchuria really with the people's liberation army i don't think you get a mouse across the yellow river if they didn't want to that sounds to me like an excuse well the reality is that it would take a lot of bulletin to stop a massive flood of refugees and it would also be absolutely catastrophic public relations the chinese obviously arctic democracy but at the end of the day if you simply just shoot everyone who christ come across it's going to bring down a lot of negative reaction globally that's one of the things the chinese don't want to have to worry about the other thing is that um you have an interesting problem in china because you do have ethnic minorities they're very small percentage of the population overall but you'll northeast try china has a substantial ethnickorean population one of the things that they don't want is the possibility of having to shoot gazans from across the border um but the big thing here is into ability what the chinese really do not want to deal is okay so you don't have refugee you still could have disease you will have the population to criminals you will have a question of where did the nuclear material and weapons go so you have big questions are i nonetheless are are they as we go to another call here how happy are the chinese to have even though it's convenient burger under the saddle against the.

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