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Now falling for the banana, the tailpipe thirty days. And then of course, you never get a Nancy Pelosi is not gonna go for this. So we got a house Bill out there. I'm not sure how this. Works. I mean, can they carry over to a new guy? I don't think they can they have to do a whole new Bill. Don't they might understanding is you can't now vote on. I mean, maybe the Senate can maybe the Senate can vote Ohio knows and the and the and the president can keep the government open. But now we're going to need sixty Roach Shoshu recumbent, this is at stupid filibuster rule. They should have gotten rid of a long time ago. You know, by the way, this is not a constitutional thing. People think oh, well, they they have a constitutional amendment. Now. This is a Senate rule, and they have broken it on several occasions when it suits them Harry Reid who's bashing the president today, by the way, he thinks he's dying of pancreatic cancer. That's really unfortunate. But Harry Reid. Formerly of the Senate from Nevada got rid of the filibuster rule in order to get Obama's federal judges approved. And then when Mitch McConnell and the boys took over they did the same thing to get supreme court nominees approved for Trump. So they can do this when they want to they don't want to and it's going to take a majority of the Republicans to be able to do this. And you're gonna have a hard time getting the votes to do that, especially as the Senate is configured now. But maybe when you get the new Senate, and you can do this Jeff flake will be gone maybe Mitt Romney go along with it. But these folks don't want to change the rule because they're afraid to be used against them. This is a stupid rule you've got a majority, but you can't use the majority because the minority it's tyranny of the minority. The minority gets to dictate what's going on. And they're not even the majority. How does that even sound like America? It doesn't to me. So Nancy Pelosi didn't said this about the border wall. We have given the Republicans a.

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