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Three on news radio 600 Kogo Good morning at 7 10 it's Wednesday. This is San Diego's Morning news. A new show on NBC called Mr Mayor premieres tonight. It's getting great reviews. We talked to one of its stars Bobby Mourning him live. We also have a look at those roads and let's get to it because traffic on the bridge is a mess. Yeah, it's like coming to a standstill. Now, In fact, the South bound side of the eye five jammed up now is you should pass the 1 63 all the way trying to get on the bridge, and the bridge is backed up all the way with main gate getting out towards Naval air Station, North Island. There's some police activity, the main gate and according to Coronado officials, the main gate is closed getting on the base. They're opening up some other gates to the base ASAP. And those who know how to get to those gates are doing so so traffic on surface streets in Coronado, a big, hot mess and again, traffic is backed up across the span. We don't have a lot of details on exactly what's coming down out there to make a sorry about that, but ridicule reports of an accident and then we got some reports of some police activity in the area. So if you see something that really, really appreciate a heads up pound 2 50 a mobile vice pound to 50 on your phone and then just use the key words of so called traffic and you can tell us what's going on or just vent your frustration after being stuck in traffic, trying to get out to North Island, this report sponsored by Choose Change, See a dot or Go goes next Real time Traffic update. Well, that's more information on that bridge traffic just 10 minutes away. Right Patch fog this morning that a partly sunny day high surf advisory in effect until Saturday evening Coast up to 65 Inland 72, the mountains 58 the deserts up to 73 Right now downtown. We got some fog and it's 50 degrees. Coco News Time is 7 12. You might best nobody morning hand for many years, many on Saturday Night Live. He also started.

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