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And then, of course, it will finally burst into the open when the company reported a massive loss for the first three months of the year and a sharp drop in sales, but it's a fascinating story has not to keep an eye on where it goes in the rest of two thousand nineteen. Absolutely. Thank you. That was you in pots from Bloomberg. Here's what else is making news today. Donald Trump is announced that why we could be part of a trade deal between Washington and Beijing, the Chinese tech giant has been dragged into the trade will between the superpowers in recent weeks. And the US is also targeted hallway by putting the firm on a trade blacklist, the Indian prime minister Narendra Modi has thanked voters forgiving him five more years in office. It follows his landslide victory in the country's mammoth general election. Mr. Modi's, nationalist, BJ peapod is projected to win around three hundred seats in India's parliament and hundreds of thousands of children and young people are walking out of lessons today in protested inaction of climate change, the global campaign started in August, when the Swedish schoolgirl, greeter twin bird held a protest outside her country's parliament. This is the briefing. Sure, Lanka's government is announced that it's extending the country's state of emergency this week. It was initially introduced in the wake of the Easter Sunday bombings, which left more than two hundred and fifty people dead. Well, let's get more on this with Alan Keenan, he's a senior analyst, and Sri Lanka project director at the International Crisis Group here in London. Allen. Thanks for joining us. What exactly has the Sri Lankan government announced? A well they've announced that they will continue the emergency with some is for a month. I believe needs to be ratified by parliament. I'm not sure if parliament has actually endorsed it as required. But it's not as prize. I'm sure it'll it'll continue for a bit. Yeah. Why have they done this? Well, because it gives the well number reasons. I mean it gives the security forces additional powers of some of arrests in of investigation. Abc's your assets sit in principle, it, it could help control hate speech, and false statements circulating which could rile up already very volatile situation. And of course, it also looks good for politicians to be seen to be, you know, taking the situation under control, and ensuring security, and so forth. Now, we know that there was a lot of tension between the various parts of the government between the prime minister and the president is this been resolved Tolan is it feeding? Into to the great uncertainty of the situation. No, it's not been resolved at all. I mean, the bitterness is probably deeper than ever between the two and hostility, I think, is principally from the president towards the prime minister. And we saw how this played out as one of almost certainly, one of the causes of the failure to act on the intelligence reports that the government had been getting from foreign intelligence agencies prior to the Easter attacks, where there was just a failure to communicate in coordinate in the government, and clearly that was one of the factors behind that was the bitter dispute between these two politicians, but no, there's no sign of getting any better at all. Now, let's any ten years since the conflict ended in Sri Lanka, not characterized by awful awful ethnic divisions, always saying return to that we're not seeing return to that, because that was a war between representatives so self proclaimed representatives of the Tamil people. The Tamil Tigers fighting. Thing for a separate state for Thomas in the north end. The east of the island where they predominated for centuries of versus a government that, you know, represented in various ways, the single majority. That issue is while it's the underlying issues of sort of how to share power between the different groups in ensure equal citizenship of all people have not been settled. It's not an active conflict. It's not an act. It's not the source of active of violence or has -delity. What is now? Unfortunately, is of fear and hatred and violence against Muslims principally led over the last five six years by a militant singer..

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