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6 to 8 hours or so. But as we head into the evening, there is going to be more waves of rain getting farther and farther south and east. And moving to the North East and will be training over the same area tonight. Tomorrow tomorrow night and possibly into Thursday as well. Some areas may see 3 to 5 inches of rain with isolated higher totals right now think the highest totals will be along the Red River into southern Oklahoma, where maybe 10 inches of rain could fall, and I might be being generous on that. Temperatures are going to be around 92 today for lucky eighties tomorrow and into Thursday with the rain around right now we're at 84 cloudy sky. Way alive in the Mercedes Benz of Plano News Center. You could listen to us at home on your computer or your smartphone. Just download the radio dot com at 7 42. Now the FDA commissioner, has denied that he is under political pressure to fast track. Corona virus. The vaccine before clinical trials are finished. Dr. Hahn was already facing criticism over his agency's decision to grant emergency use authorization for hydroxy Claure Quinn, which was later rescinded and convalescent plasma. As you may remember, both treatments were heavily promoted by the president. Now, Dr Hahn's latest comments have renewed concerns that his agency is being politicized something he flatly denies. Our decision it FDA will not be made on any other criteria than the science and data associated with these clinical trials. FDA commissioner Dr Stephen Han vowed not to let politics interfere with the approval process for a Corona virus vaccine. At any point in the pandemic. Have you felt pressured politically to make a decision One way or another? I have not been pressured politically. To make an incorrect decision. How about pressure to make what you think is a correct decision, So we have felt that there's been pressure throughout this pandemic. I think anybody who doesn't acknowledge that would be kidding themselves. There's been pressure to make sure that we get medical products as quickly as possible to the American people. Leading experts like Dr Anthony Fauci have said they're cautiously optimistic. A safe and viable vaccine could be available by the end of the year. Earlier this month, President Donald Trump offered an even shorter time line, suggesting a vaccine could be ready around election Day wouldn't hurt, But I'm not doing that doing that for the election. I wanted fast because I want to save a lot of lives. Dr Hahn says the FDA could reach that target under an emergency use authorization.

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