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So many others of the case involving year garner the grand juries did not indict even though it so very easy for grand juries to indict and so now that's i think people find it very difficult to face that why is it that prosecutors indict people every day in the criminal justice system very easily the caller mentioned you're in a grand jury the process comes in present you with all the evidence you feel you have no choice but when it's a police officer it's a very different story and i think you know people see that unfairness and and are understandably upset by boats highlighted in april that it was uh jeff sessions under the justice department doug talking about the obama administration its work with its justice department trouble police forces jeff sessions as we need to review this like what is worse the status of that what does that ultimately lean for the issue that you're passionate about so you know first of all you know sessions is there general of of the united states and that means that he's in charge of federal prosecutions and the first thing that people should realise at only ten percent of all criminal cases a prosecuted in the federal system ninety percent or prosecuted on the state and local level that's why we have to pay attention to our late a local district attorneys however the attorney general obviously is in a very powerful position so we had eric holder loretta lynch in the previous administration who took a very different approach to these cases you know uh eric colder went into ferguson did an investigation very difficult to bring civil rights charges but there was an investigation done of the ferguson police department and of the entire system in ferguson if you have not read the ferguson doj the department of justice report you should read it is showed a pattern and practice this of unconstitutional behaviour on the part of.

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