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I had put out a record what you know. Yeah and until I was like twenty. The first time I picture hearing it was in my booking agents apartment in Ann Arbor Michigan and like Nineteen Ninety nine when I was twenty two holy cow sheep whole record. And you hadn't even listened to. Who's next yet you know. I haven't heard so on a tour in two thousand I I me and that same person. My friend Trey were driving back from. I've I can't remember what we were driving cross country for but we're listening to classic Rock Radio and Yeah I said. Who's this and he was like? Wait who this is and I was like. No I'm asking. Who is this and he was like Van? Halen and I just like that's cool. I never heard that before anyway. Rock band long long time. But just you're kind of subject to either what's around when you're growing up and I wasn't allowed to listen to the radio or anything like that and then once I was I was fourteen or fifteen and it was just punk rock people that I was around and so like yeah I heard Fu Ghazi and was deeply into just whatever I found there and You know I had the radio on my town. The Alternative Radio Played Nirvana and the cure. And Yeah you know the U. Two and depeche mode and stuff so I I got on the train and absorbed everything I could but yet so the then me in that guys just said. Hey could you tell me? Let's just listen to classic rock all the way home and you just talked him. You just tell me the history of the the songs that I'm hearing. Because he knew he knew everything. That's so funny. Wow so I relate to that aspect of the character also just the calling the the radio stay the various radio stations in the hilarious disbelief in the DJ and the way that he handles that Yeah and the way that that sort of blocked is just so funny that he doesn't even really get fully believe it till the end. I guess he doesn't has okay. Cool never heard it. Yeah I appreciate so. Where did that come from? I mean I was just I was going to say when you first brought it up. I hope that that was not too far fetched that he hadn't heard the song because it's kind of it's a little bit everywhere but that's that's amazing that do end heard it So Okay so staffer fetched at all. But I gotTa Inbetween your first and second album the find that you wanted to put like Van Halen influence or another did it change. What did it change Between the two albums over you even tempted to kind like was trout this Video and sound this next time around. I didn't particularly like Van. Halen when I heard it. Yeah van Halen's grown on me When I was a kid I didn't like like the flashier like flashy this in music. I don't love it. Um and part of it is because growing up in in certain Christian cultural Circles there is just a kind of fakeness to things and I was really searching for things that didn't have that bravado or or whatever here and more recently I I've come around to van Halen as something I enjoy listening to and also for me. I my the instrument that I was using to be a musician with not like The musical instrument but like me as a I was so limited. I couldn't sound like anybody. I couldn't copy anybody. 'cause I just. I just barely had the simple relationship with the tools that I had. It was really expressive the before the Rhino skin kind of started to to to get put on layer by layer but so it was a time when it didn't even occur to me to try to copy people because I just confused I just couldn't effectively. Do you have the pedals Van Halen and I didn't I. I was missing the piece of gear. That was needed the longer that I've been doing this the more I just get an expanded tool set all the time I forget where it started. I was just. I asked you if How how the Dip Listening? The class require changed. Oh Yeah Vermeille influenced the the BOB and the Betas? Sridthal idea is Dan McCartan our driving around and the song came on the starter bobble Riley in the whole song. It's no matter how many times I've listened to you know I've heard it in that store in a warehouse For a bricklayer for summer in like they had classic rock Radio on the whole time. And you know you hear the same cycle songs every couple days almost like the fact that that Song Concil come on and have you know kind of catch you and I think if it was released today would still be. You know extremely popular like was just kind of plan on that and The network because it was you know we were trying to get the rights to the WHO they were like. Is there any other song dental work? Payan of we try to a couple but nothing is quite the same as the way that that song starts and the the instruments and the World No. It's so believable. When when the twinkling of the synthesizer comes in and then you're reaching down to the the dishwasher and your hand pauses dripping. Here's dripping way and causes like it really is believable. That that that song catch you would catch a person like that. Just like wait. What and just it it. It really is my manager And I were who my manager introduced me to your show. He was he was like. How do they pay for that like? That's just gotTa to be. He was like somebody really is supportive of that show. Where ever putting out? Because so you don't have to say how much but was that. That was a major issue. I assume I I thought it was going to be much worse. I thought because I remember my my only context for how much cost was remember. Conan. O'brien and his last week shows the beauty viron with Rolling Stones Track is the theme song as like skied and it was like bit. Cost a million dollars so I didn't know and it was much more reasonable than you think for that side of song. Yeah Bud we licence. A song fade the agreed to to license it for us but then open sorry. Share this whoever licensed. It must have the Miscommunication they thought we were going to use it like four or five times for Song so we were until like the first round of ETA and in the episode they charge you from like from when a song starts and stops like you've dimmed the volume and then bring it back up. That's like you can't stop the song and counted as like one news every time. There's like a ten SEC. Start and stop you turn for which is great for musicians by totally like we ended up using thirteen chunks of it in episode so inherited in and we thought we were very proud of how came out and then they the producer came back like we licenses for four five times have to seriously reduce the added hose. Like all know. How did they how scared. Luckily the head of the network saw the show loved it so much said they went than paid for it to be used additional time so So great because we were able to the network yeah they they kind of doubled down on the episode Literally and is such a relief. Because I don't know what what happened. Yeah well I was glad I'm glad that you're edit that you guys made was the one that got to happen. Is that the voyager that had that has that gold record on it that is for aliens or whatever like that episode of TV goes in that time capsule for me. 'cause it it says something about rock and roll which I love and it says something about Church which I am familiar with and I guess I can said Love In all its complexity. Yeah and But it just says something about joy and Ads It's such a powerful episode of of TV. It's unbelievable thanks. Yeah well I thank you so much for doing this. Show and Yeah. Choose stop recording. Oh sure yeah yeah by. Everybody fire they they they Dave Brazilan Joe. Para thank you so much for joining us here on the Talk House podcast listeners. If you enjoyed today's episode definitely make sure to check out. Dave's last appearance on the PODCAST. That was a conversation with Tom. Verlaine Yeah Dave's written for the site as well he wrote about Sun. Kil Moon's Benji and Bill Callahan's Dream River. Awhile Back Josh. We have had a spate of great episodes. Recently that feature a comedian in conversation with the musician. I'm thinking why it's Enac with the roots black thought and Waxahachie with Whitmer Thomas just in the last month listeners. Definitely check those out both great episodes. You can find us at Talk House across socials if you WanNa send gripes or show ideas you can hit me at Eliane Horn on twitter. Thanks so much to Joe and Dave for recording themselves so well during quarantine I also recorded as did Elia. This is the new norm. Big Love to our producer Mark Yoshizumi. Who makes it all possible? The Talk House. Podcast theme song was composed and performed by the range till next week. Amalia Einhorn. I'm Josh Modell and the geology of Northern Michigan..

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