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14 20 WBS M. He's not here to make nice enemy to those who make him an enemy friend to those who have no friends how we can show. Believe it or not, it could be worse in terms of panic and fear mongering. You could be in the United Kingdom. And there's an interesting column today in front page man here. Another accent coming on. No, no, no. I'm not gonna do this. This is a Katie Hopkins and I guess she she used to be engaged to Boris. He said Boris Has had a full romantic life. Shall we say, But something happened. The Boris Johnson he's he's gone. Charlie Baker's Charlie Baker on steroids Charlie Baker if Charlie Baker weren't Alfa male rather than a beta male So she wrote this column. What happened to Boris Johnson, who she almost married? Katie Hopkins on about She would talk about how great he was, is a conservative leader, and then came Cove it and Boris turned into a turn up in a to pay. My beautiful American family by way of appraising you of the current madness in my country. Let me explain that we're just emerging like anemic zombies from our second complete lockdown, no churches, no family gatherings, no pubs, no shops, no socializing and heading straight into an utterly bonkers tier system. Whereby 99% of the UK remains locked down and 55 million people still can't do anything or go anywhere. The she says. What happened? This again just conspiracy theory. But this is from his former fiance. I believe that in the early part of 2020 Boris received a visit from the covert slash back slash gates team and was either blackmailed with material He does not want in the public domain or was offered power beyond any credible ambition. He surely has perhaps a seat on the new World Government organization. Whatever the hell that looks like, I do not have proof of this. But the change in Boris has been way too dramatic, too have been motivated by personal health or any other rational ex explanation. Now, here's the real theory that I think she has. She just threw that one out. My second theory, says his former fiance, which runs in parallel with the first Is that the arrival of a new girlfriend has caused him to deviate disastrously from his original path. The girlfriend, Carrie Simon's is no weeping Wall Flyer flower. She has a she has political activists credentials and as a climate change Desperado, that's good way to put it. Using her siren call she is. Lord learned Boris towards the globalists and shipwrecked him utterly against the rocks of her will, leading to the undignified exit of two of Boris's key men. Both architects of Get Brexit done. Dominic Cummings and Lee came Where does that leave us? I would argue it leaves upwards of 30 million people in the UK. The people who voted for him in the last election gave him a landslide with no political representation. So again, like like Prince Harry, right with Meghan Markle or or like the Murdock boys. What happens to these English guys? Russ, You're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead, Russ. How he first thing. A little lumpy means more old people would put in the icebox. Charlie's old folks, homes. That's the little one thing, people said. People said. Lumpy is lumpy. A little rascal. Know, Lumpy was one of beavers. Friends on Leave it to Beaver. You remember that Russ going remember very well the whole cast. Now the reason why how we had called this Let's face it. Justice Department is gonna help altogether two administrations in four useless attorney generals. Build virus. Far as I'm concerned, he's a complicity college he should ask for air.

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