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Bucks the additional revenue will go to airport maintenance and other port projects michael preston on whose coma aaa traffic a little bit of a construction continuing in the south in northbound i five is a lane closed at approaching highway 16 but to not slowing traffic this time and also road work on southbound i five collector distributor lane in tacoma basically at e space street elaine closed until six o'clock in the morning but overall it's a good commutes not much too slow you down jay phillips komo news hello everybody good morning to you ever going to start today off with the kind of a mixture of clouds and a few peaks at the sunshine than we go mostly sunny into the afternoon high temperatures today would be comfortable basically in the '60s lowtomid and as we look forward to the bounce with our weekend and we have a chance of sun on saturday on sunday and monday and tuesday in the komo weather center i'm steve the nfl the baltimore ravens took the miami dolphins in of forty two nothing victory thursday night seahawks returned home this weekend the host to houston texas and sunday will do the first home game four seahawk dwight freely choose defensive event the sounders open the postseason said the advance couve or the western conference semifinals the second leg of the series comey the centurylink field the following thursday in washington host ucla in its first david two weeks on saturday kickoff at 1230 hear all the action huron komal art sanders bet your home of the huskies komo news when you want a fax turns is a people's trust emily suggest charlie hurt i'm brian calvert on manda factor.

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