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Is the. This is this is a stab stabber. Can you? Jumped off the balcony, you can go first here he has enough money to buy that knife. So I can't I can't travel. I'm gonna say he's when t- eight okay. Yeah. Good. That's right. We'll house when I was gonna say what do you say twenty nine thirty nine. Oh, he's been around the block. All right. One of you is exactly. I think so. Now. Exactly, right. Come on. You can go first second or first tigger third whatever you wanna going then I Then got. I got I'm gonna go with myself because I didn't trust myself. And I regret it twenty nine. I in you said twenty eight I I'm gonna go with myself. I think he's thirty nine. Okay. Screw it. I'm with myself. Everybody garage that Giovanni are Dondo the man who traveled from Phoenix to be in a wedding, Scottsdale. Guy Scottsdale bump them up to this restaurant, Florida wedding. We're believe it or not a knife showed up who thought with that recipe. What knife this one chances now towns because Vanni are Dondo is twenty nine years. I got to write who am. I Kevin Pollock. On the nose to write their story. Number two down in the book. Can you give us a little teaser of what we're going to hear in segment three? You cannot buy something chocolate of yourself. That's gross. I love it. All right. Oh, it's gonna get. It's going to get sloppy up in here else in his with this. And it's people back. I guys talking about stitch fix. I love this service so much and guys who loved close is who loved to be styled, you know, one of the joys of getting to work in this industry is that if we're ever on a TV show or movie, or whatever there is a professional stylist there to pick the clothes that and they always pick things that maybe you wouldn't pick for yourself. But you try them on and they know right? And then the hard part is convincing them to let you buy take it away. Take it away. You don't have to do any of you have to be on the show, you just.

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