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To announce that the scientist that will feature on the fifty pound note is Alan Terry that is mark Carney governor of the bank of England making the announcement Alan Turing is probably best known for cracking the **** code known as enigma a feat depicted in the two thousand fourteen film the imitation game on designing machines that will allow us to break every message every day it's is also considered the father of modern computing attitude and the I there is a computer as the thing on which to play out the computer program injure Hodges is a mathematical physicist at the university of Oxford he wrote a biography of touring and that sounds completely crazy but it is not as what he did and give the flavor of the way in which he was so far ahead of its time Turing's work was cut short in nineteen fifty two when he was convicted of gross indecency for having a sexual relationship with another man he chose to be chemically castrated rather than serve jail time and his security clearance was taken away he died two years later widely thought to have been suicide Turing was cleared of that conviction in twenty thirteen and now fully recognized for his brilliance he will appear on the same currency notes as the queen who pardoned him the Bundy family is at the heart of an ideological battle in the western U. S. in two thousand fourteen the family patriarch Cliven Bundy had an armed standoff with federal agents at his Nevada ranch over cattle grazing rights that in two thousand sixteen his son's let an occupation of the mail here wildlife refuge in Oregon in both cases the message was that the federal government has no right to own western lands Lisa Tilly cover those stories as a public radio reporter and decided to dig into the more deeply with the podcast Bundy ville the first season explored the roots of the family's mistrust.

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