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Hey everybody this ben morris marvel editorial director of digital media live at new york comecon 2017 things are winding down we still got exciting things happening i'm joined by fiend then assist editor talking markets and we've got with us the legendary low guys how you doing good good good thanks for having us how you very good love histone yet so i'm told us as you guys first comic on what's the experience been like so far we have added sas to hit the floor that quick this is his madness it looks like a lot of fun on their total user summarily widow comecom second to seven ran a warning sensors is good be potter now what's the connection between you guys in marvel you there's a lot of connections actually there's a lot of things going on you guys have been doing with us well i mean i think the first connection is i love the ads support the most most connects him so we start there but then tom new guy did our album cover up town saturday night that's what kick this whole thing all it now and we were all when we saw that cover like begin down brothers donald out that cover house all you know camp x campbell axmann my by by that was that was the subtle then we had a song in iin this now one that flukes sats outs than any ran shot south achieve on grant because he just drew our on new album cover down brothers come a now october thirteen so yeah so loud here um it's a three mixed sake series fall one point two four three fold he said action and then syndicate down voters will do.

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