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You are entering the nc's pau laws of this mahathir so here we go folks jays land line is once again ringing because of course he still has a landline but wh why would any um so i am here by myself again as the true consummate pudgy area already theory as way to get this landline disconnected you think you're an it doesn't ring all day it doesn't ring all day and it's like it knows wait were setting up will do this here's my question who calls you on a limb i don't even know it's not it's mostly lake spam calls and stuff i guess that's what i need a land line for heavier spam calls yeah nobody has landline anymore but man no i do i do you why don't you just used carrier pigeon near the byrd man you have control of all the birdid worthy of how that echo the past not only do i have a landline i have a dial phone why don't you have a a murderer of crowe's at your disposal to be able to just just send messages across the world a what if grows it's called the murder of cross come on i didn't even know i am so much blue cultured new like the black grows though a good banned they're very very good banned uh she an araber we got a lot to talk about so i i don't want it suspended flap in our damn gums about what you did this week what you did this week in you you gotta landline we got a lot to cover we got the royal rumble we got an x t takeover were we got the followed from the royal rumble but i'll be perfect land steadying at has had to be asleep and get up and stuff.

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