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Will they hear footsteps and a man was along with long. Black hair appeared to be a wax mask covering his face is coming towards them with two very large knives. Will nick rush at the man and then carly backed them up by hitting the man with a baseball bats. Struggle eventually neck was able to knock the guy back. He pulled a chain at spilled this cauldron of leaning wax that had caught fire between the two of them which gave carly and nick time to leave because the man can cross so they run down this tunnel and up some stairs. Find themselves back in the wax museum. This is when they find. Wade's body yet obviously been killed and also turned into lots figure. Unplaced in museum carly searched. Freaking up nichols like we don't have time to mourn right now girl we gotta get our asser. They find a way to the front door. And that's when they find bo waiting for them so a fight breaks out between the three of them. Bo ended up stabbing national league with a very large hunting knife but carly came in before boca do anymore damage and basically beat. Bow to a bloody pulp with meal. S will while this fight is happening. The fire that nick started in the locker room had taken off an manage to start melting the wax in the museum so the floor is melting. So they're going to be trapped if they don't get out soon while the other dude with long black haired managed to find his way out of the fire of course he attacks them. We'll carly yells at him. She starts going up the stairs. Which i feel like as a pretty bad move when you're in a house made of wax melting. Yes but she went up the stairs. Trying to get the dude away from nick because nick just been stabbed in the leg nice but realize you are sacrificing yourself exactly well. She runs upstairs into a bedroom trying to hide. But everything's made wack so vincent as able to cut his way through the melting wax door. He attacks carly. She manages a stave off. Nick manage to haul himself up the amounting stairs just in a hole opens in the floor. Vincent falls through the whole unto the fire. He's gone but now nick and carly are trapped upstairs and a melting house. Finally nick has amazing idea. Look the walzer wax ryan. Dig our way out. It's melting let's regardless so just in time they dig a hole through the wall and escape the house as it melts behind them. Okay lucky for carly and nick. Someone saw the smoke from the fire. A few miles away. Call it in to to find what was going on. They found carly who told them the story. The police had no idea that anyone even still lived in the town. They said that it had been abandoned for years and when they did a more thorough investigation they found a nearby sugar mill which was full of cars and cell phones which just backed up. The people had gone missing that hit their cars there and they'd been kidnapped murdered and turned into wax figures. Is this the famous house of wax. Starring one paris hill because chad michael. Murray in it. And the who carly alicia at least a cuthbert. That's and the dude from supernatural. He's now walker. Texas ranger disney walker. Texas ranger just came out. I haven't watched it. Jared pedal lucky.

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