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It's how you doing. Who's your crush? Well, I'm embarrassed to say Ricky stroller. Yeah. Yeah. You should be embarrassed. Kerry, you ask me specifically to call. And I finally got a chance good Ricky Schroder was when he became Rick Schroder. He he was scary. I thought he grew up to be a fairly handsome young, man. He didn't seem that cute. When he was a kid to me. No, he lost it. Once I hit about fifteen. Well, and he's become a right wing asks. Oh, how's it going? Skirt cameron. Thanks nita. Miss Julie from romper room. Oh, yeah. Per bumper stopper. Billy, and what are you doing Billy? And I'm getting a lot of Catherine Bach from dukes of hazzard. Let's see wonder woman. I got a lot of Linda Carter in here. Kirstie alley from cheers. Sure. For for for a brief moment there. I suppose I liked her thought founder attractive during her fat actress period. Chanelle is here. Hello chanel. Good morning. Hello. I had a huge crush on Legua. Oh, yeah. A lot of people is Vigo. No. Orlando bloom. Oh, see I had a crush on Vigo Vigo because it's because he didn't he looks like he doesn't watch. Do you know, really, man? Looks like a man because you know, if you're a man, you don't wash your Mandra out doing man thing. And then when the woman gets close to you, she goes through what is how you smell like a, man. Getting a lot of Lonnie Anderson from w KRLD for some reason, listen Milan. Who's the boss Bailey quarters? Yes. See Jan Smithers transmitters sexy. Let's see let's go to this. Antonio. Hello antonis. She married. Producer. Hi. From supernatural. Yeah. Yeah. That's a good one. Thanks. Thanks. Let's see David Bowie from labyrinth. Okay. Yes. Enjoy. That's not a great picture. Doc pants on. She looks. She's she's sort of scowling you were hoping for match game. X nine six dot com slash live. And that's what's her name from. Jaclyn Smith Jacqueline Smith. Nobody said any of Charlie's angels. This is Scott back right there. Probably. We just got a faira faucet. We just. There you go Nagin from Walking Dead. Yeah. And again, he looks as though. Morgan says, though, he doesn't smell very you ties. Is arguably the most beautiful state in our nation. We.

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