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Thank you. So much for listening and watching American medicine today I am Kimberly Banotti alongside my friends. Both Ethan Ugur and Jeff Flagstaff. Now. President Biden's Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen, recently said that inflation and higher interest rates are a good thing for the country. Which kind of goes against all common sense. So joining us to discuss as David Morgan, chief editor of the Morgan report, and co author of Second Chance How to Make and Keep Big Money. From the coming gold and silver shockwave. Thank you for joining us on the show. My pleasure. Thank you. Yes. Now can you kind of explain that logic or kind of lack thereof from Janet Yellen saying that inflation is good for our economy? I mean, what can she possibly mean? Well, I think from the big picture standing point, and this is verified by the Federal Reserve's own website, So if you go to the Fed's website, you will find that the $1913 now worth less than two cents. So when, over 100 years we've lost 98% of its value. So as a metaphor if your child came in with 10 question quiz in third grade and got two out of 100. Think you consider that a miserable failure? Yes, And that's the monetary policy of the Fed is to actually keep the monetary system intact, in other words, to keep it stable, and that's anything but stable. But it's in serious. What I just said is true. But yet it's been slow enough that most people are not really aware of the fact that from 1978 President Day the average American, not every American Real purchasing power has gone down. Oh, yeah, They're getting more money they might have made though I'll make up the number 19 15,078 55,000 Now it's just a number. It's not what the number is. It's what the value of the currency is, and the value continues to go down. So I think I've made my case for inflation. It's like saying a little bit of poisoning. Okay, but a lot will kill you. So leave that analogy and metaphor alone and move on the interest rates. The interest rates are interesting situation because we're in what's called financial repression. Financial repression is when the free market doesn't determine the cost of money. Money is a commodity like potatoes and interest is what the price of borrowing that money is, and it should be determined in the market. How many people want alone and how many people want to borrow that went away? Probably in 1980. Maybe before it's been Under the control of the political and banking class for a very, very long time, and then deliberately keep it down to quote unquote stimulate the economy. That said, probably 100 times a day on all the mainstream financials channels, But the real reason is held. Such a low interest rate is because the interest On the national debt would be unpayable. If we read and what I would consider normal interest rate of, say, 5% herself. The Fed was going to taper. They were going to try and let interest rates rise and get more to what I consider normal range historically. When that was tried. It crashed the stock market almost immediately, and this was just on a very small increase in interest rates. They immediately reverse course and pushing interest rates down near observed zero interest rate policy. And they're about so the interest rate questions A little more, Uh, takes a little more thinking in my view than the inflation question, but in both cases We're in a situation where I called the bank in the elite control the economy in a greater range than most people actually believe many people still say we have capitalism in America. There's a few vestiges of it, but not much would be nice to try it again. So David, I'm going to read you the direct quote here from Janet Yellen, she says. We've been fighting inflation that's too low and interest rates that are too low now for a decade. She added that if the packages help at all to alleviate things, then that's not a bad thing. That's a good thing. So back to that quote. Do you agree with her? Or is she wrong? Because again like Kimberly mentioned at first glance, you think what are you talking about? House inflation? Good. Does she have a point? Or is she totally off base? His outpace inflation isn't good, you know, actual free market, honest money system, or you'd have, like a precious metal. So you couldn't you know, inflate the medals. You're only going to increase the amount of supply by the rate of increase of the precious metals, which is about 1.5% here. And I wrote about this in the Silver Manifesto. The book before the one mentioned and what you have is general deflation. So you wouldn't even have to worry about planning for retirement. You would know that a dollar that you earn is a 20 year old would be worth more. As a 60 year old or 70 year old because you have a stable money supply. The person power continue increased. So you would have gentle deflation. The one word that the government never wants to hear you say or ever see happen because in a deflation for them, money does become more valuable and then it makes it really impossible. Pay back the debt. They can inflate the debt away. They can inflate or not. As far as interest rates are concerned, perhaps you know, I should just touch it again. But I think the free market should determine the cost of money. I think a willing borrower and willing sellers should be able to come to say, Let's face it. The zero interest rate policy doesn't help any of us. I mean, it might help us on the mortgages, but you know, it doesn't help you in your credit card interest rate. So those zero interest rate policies are really good for corporate America or the corporate ocracy or the technopolis easel like to refer to it. So it helps the big corporations borrow next to nothing nowhere they do with this money. They put to productive use? No, they go out and buy their own stock back. So they take in that free money. It's almost reminded by massive amounts of stuff and get rewarded for it because the stock price is worth drier because there's less in the supply sounds rather convoluted to me. I'd like to hear your comment on that Mhm. David. Um, I want to take this in a little bit of different direction. If I can. Sure he bet anywhere you want to go, I I believe, as I think most of our audience that most of the people but Biden administration or smoking the good weed. That's why they're coming out with ridiculous quotes like Secretary Yellen, I would like to know. Tell me more about how to make and keep big money from the coming gold and silver Shockwave. I've had financial advisors for the.

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