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He seemed to be saying that next week at the end of next week he would rest the prosecution's case and then what happens. After the prosecution rests will we hear from bob durst himself. Well they've been saying from the beginning. They said in their opening statements that bob will testify and since he reversed himself after nineteen years of denying that he was even in los angeles. Bob almost certainly has to take the stand to give me to this new version of events so if the defense decides not to put bomb on the stand. They're opening up a huge dilemma for themselves. Because it means that all the things that they talked about in their opening statements. All of that is out. If he doesn't testify to it charlie. Bagley thank you for being with us. Britney thanks as always for co hosting with me. Great to be here. Thank you end is in sight. Yes it is and stay with us as the trial of robert durst for the murder of susan. Berman winds down. We're gonna bring you up to the minute. Coverage of all the proceedings and particularly if and when robert durst testifies gonna give in-depth analysis and coverage of that testimony. Here on jury. Duty the trial of robert durst. Please remember that you can receive. Alerts news breaks on developments in robert durst murder trial as well as new episodes of season. Two of jury duty the trial of robert durst by subscribing now on apple spotify. Or wherever you get your podcasts again if you wanna refresh your memory on where. The prosecution and defense are heading their arguments in the trial. Go back and re listen to episodes from season one and head. Over to crime story dot com for in-depth coverage of the durst story jury duty the trial of robert durst is created and produced by carey. Anthony lewis. This episode was written and edited by yours truly brittany bookbinder. It was co produced by alexis. Not bartolo and brittany bookbinder music was provided by strike audio. Thanks for joining us. And we hope to come back. For the next episode of jury duty the trial of robert durst

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