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Going for brain point. Well, the reality of it is Britain points not going to be available. Okay, that's like going to say. Hey, we if I were to pick someone I pick Coal, Coal Caufield. Well, guess what. Call Coffield is not available. Okay? I'm saying that. A player might be available, okay? And the player that I'm thinking of Is yeah. Knee guard. Danny Guards, the third line center. I would even say third line. I mean, he his line is just completely Fantastic with Blake Coleman and John and and, uh Barkley, Gaudreau and Blake or Yanni, Gord, his energy His his his skating on the ice he's got. He scored five goals. He's one of the, um the top scores on his team in the playoffs, but he kills penalties. He is He's got energy. It's I have been really, really, really impressed with how he plays the game. I think he is a huge Huge piece to the Tampa Bay puzzle. Um and he would be a guy that I would love to get because they are going to Tampa Bay next year is going to be And we said this last year, but they got they kind of got around it with the culture off in the stamp coasting But now they are going to be in trouble. They are going to have to, um, move on from some certain players, and I think yeah, Knee guard could be just could be a player that could come available. I want to know this from you. They don't have a first round pick. Sabres make that deal between now and the draft for Jack or Sam and acquire first and early first from this year from Tampa Bay. You could you could you flip that to them for a couple of their pieces that they're going to lose? Like I just wonder about Anthony Cirelli. Wonder about like, like, I don't want Tyler Johnson. I'm not. I am not. No one wants Tyler Johnson, and that's why and you know what? Listen, take nothing away from Tyler Johnson. I think he's played actually very well throughout the playoffs. He's added a lot of energy on that fourth line center. But he is not the piece that I think that that people are looking for, but I mean, you have Brayden point. Who has one more year left. 6.75 And he is going to make a boat load of money. He's going to be a $10 million player in the National Hockey League. Um You have, uh Andre Palat, who needs a contract? He makes $5.3 million. There. There. There are some guards Barkley. Good. Joe is an unrestricted free agent Blake Coleman is an unrestricted free agent. They have. We were upset about while we I was upset about the salary cap circumvention with Kucherov. I mean, they're going to be in an even worse situation after this year. Yes, Yes, they will be and guys like Danny Gord. Who makes 5.1. $6 million a year. He's a third line center and he is a damn good one. He is someone that they're most likely going to have to move on from. Because he makes $5.2 million as a third line center for the next four years, and he's already 29. And I would take him right now in a heartbeat. Because if we here in Buffalo are going in a direction of going younger Danny. Gord is exactly the player that you want. He has exactly because he is because he has experienced to help the young guys, Piri insists. He listened. Nanny gored never even made the NHL until he was 25 or 2024 years old. It took time. He I don't think he was Dr. Question for you, Craig. Is he going to be? And I say this all the time. Draft little Shiri Connor Sheary comes from, And I'm not comparing Anne Gordon Connor Sheary. So I know Please don't. I'm not going to. I'm going to compare scenarios. Okay. Connor Sheary comes from Pittsburgh to Buffalo. Okay, everyone has high hopes because he came from Pittsburgh. One cups, two cops, multiple 20, or whatever he did. He had good offensive numbers. Um He was going to be a piece that was coming here to Continue to guess build off what he's already started for himself. But bring a Stanley Cup experience kind of carry a team on his own. He came from Pittsburgh came here did nothing. In fact, you had quite a fun name form that we will not say in the air. So we had Conor Sheary. Okay. Then he goes back to Washington after he leaves here and now all of a sudden, he's a good player on a really good team again. And I'm not saying Johnny Gord, isn't that but I'm just saying bringing Johnny Guard here. We're going to get Johnny Gordon Tampa or is he that good there Because he has Four players above them that are way better and make more. Well, when you individually look at what Yan Igor does His his his pace and his and his, um He's just relentless in the way that he plays the game. He is not a opportunist. Like Connor Sheary is an opportunist. Connor Sheary is a player that if you playing with good players, Connor Sheary is going to be the guy that reaps the benefit of playing with better players, But he doesn't create anything on his own. Danny Gord creates havoc on his own. It may not necessarily means that he's going to be getting you know, 50 60 70 points a year. It's what he does. It's the energy and pace and speed and physicality the the way that his competitiveness you see him on the bench talking to his players, he's always engaged. Into the game. This is energy. It's infectious. That's what we need. Here. We need the the older players that you bring in Need to be a certain type of player that is an infectious personality, an infection and how they play the game because the younger players are going to learn From watching. And that a Yanni Gord type player is a guy for me. He is about doing things right. He does it fast. He does it physical. He's not a big guy, but I don't care about. It's not about size. It's about how you play the game. And he is an unbelievable player. And if we if we were to get him I know he makes $5.1 million a year I would take that 5.1 and I would love every minute of it. Along with something else, though. I mean, what depends on what the deal is, but I don't think that's a Jack or Sam..

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