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Morally wrong necessarily. It's just off. Even if you're the best dude on the planet and. You listen fucking. It's your money, man. Spend it how you want. If you wanna buy shoes by shoes. But it's about the message or giving off to the people who showed up literally to listen to you, tell them how to live their lives, and you weren't six thousand dollar shoes. Okay. That's just not responsible saying it's kind of a contradiction. Yes. I mean if conduct a hypocritical way of approaching a little bit. Yeah. It's I mean, I don't want to call it hypocritical. It's not even all that. I'm just saying from base level from fucking the highest view possible. It's not a good look. That's all I'm saying just maybe think about it before you wear your fucking red October's to go preach, bro. What are you doing looking silly? But it's funny that these people are getting called out now and the account I will follow forever. So I hope you never stops. And really, I hope the preachers and pastors never stop either because the account would stop, and then I won't be entertained anymore. So maybe I do want them to do the content. I will I will give it that also say this. I only have like one. One or two of the pairs of shoes that featured on this account. So maybe I'm just jealous and angry. Maybe I should have been a pastor instead of a podcast or it's not too late next segment stuff to Wikipedia when your high. So we like to do a little segment on this show called stuffed Wikipedia when you hi, it's usually about random cool fascinating shit that I didn't previously know about that somebody either sent me or told me about and now I'm sharing it with you the Rb p gang today's stuff that we Kapiti when you're high is the banana massacre. Okay, which is just an attention grabbing a sounds like to me for an event, right? Yeah. Right. But a no this is actually incredibly said it was a massacre of as many as three thousand United fruit company workers that occurred between December fifth and six in nineteen twenty eight in the town of CNN IGA near Santa Marta, Colombia. Okay. So there was a strike AJ. The began on November twelfth of nineteen twenty eight the workers of this. United fruit company said fuck this were out. We've got demands were not working anymore into region agreement. And you you give us dig. Defied working conditions. So several weeks pass no agreement. No terms. No work, costing the company severe financial losses, obviously. So the conservative government of Miguel Mendez who I'm assuming as the president of Colombia this time sins in the army against the strikers which results in this massacre. So officials in Colombia and in United fruit portrayed, these this worker strike as a communist thing with subversive tendencies intelligence to the United States Secretary of state as they were trying to portray exactly what was going on there to the US because as you know, we are team America world police so the United States government threatened to invade with marines if the Colombian government didn't act to protect United fruit's interests. Okay. Scan pretty serious things are getting super tricky in in. Maybe we actually did this. Spurted anyway. So the Colombian government was almost pressured by the United States to go in and take care of this strike. I don't think the United States or whoever was applying this pressure directly realized that it would result in the slaughter of three thousand employees of this company. But nonetheless, maybe they didn't consider all of the potential consequences to to to this pressure that they were applying. So the Colombian government is compelled by the United States to go in handle this shit. They're scared that the US is going to cut off trade of Colombian bananas. And they've got significant markets in the US and Great Britain that they want to handle so Columbia feels pressured and they go in and handle it. Here's a list of the complaints. Or the guest demands that the strike the workers had put out that were on strike. They wanted them to stop their practice of hiring subcontract. Hiring through subcontractors. They wanted mandatory colle-. Elective insurance compensation for work accidents hygienic dormitories in six day work weeks instead of seven increase in.

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