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We haven't At the city's central market it's the usual daily bustle There 72 year old Alexandra donskova takes a break from selling fruit to scoff at the idea that war could break out at any moment More With Ukraine it'll never happen That's just politicians ratcheting up tensions from both sides Regular people get along fine No one's getting ready to fight anyone If Russians are left guessing it Putin's intentions in Ukraine the Russian leader's argument that the west is to blame for the current crisis resonates more deeply even among critics But notion exactly Vladimir klot Kevin a provost at dawn state technical university says he considers himself pro western and yet colloquial can't help but wonder why if the Soviet Union he grew up in is gone NATO didn't go with it As a citizen of Russia I have a question What is NATO for First they said it was to contain Iran then they said it was to contain Al-Qaeda But it turns out all along it was trying to contain me It's as if the Soviet Union didn't completely fall apart ads collot can now its ghosts are coming out of the closet to say hello Charles man's NPR news rustow von Don Russia And now we mark a passing ghostbusters director Ivan reitman who made films that brought tears of laughter to movie audience for more than four decades died in his sleep this weekend at his home in California Reitman sense of comedy tended towards ruckus and rambunctiousness As critic bob mandello remembers As a declaration of intent this from animal House in 1978 pretty well sums up what producer Ivan reitman was going for This situation absolutely requires A really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part We're just the guys to do it The film made toga parties a thing Turned food fight school in a way they hadn't been since silent comics were throwing pies and made a huge star of comic John Belushi Reitman had such fun he later said he wished he'd directed animal House not just produced it and that's what he did for his next few films the summer camp comedy meatballs and the service comedy stripes both starring Bill Murray as big as those films were they paled next to his special effects thrill ride about a team that offered a service most people hadn't realized they needed Ghost removal He slimed me That's great Actual physical contact Ghostbusters combination of smart Alec humor and increasingly gargantuan special effects that huge marshmallow man destroying manhattans wasn't embraced by critics but audiences went wild And big kind of became reitman's thing as a director he helped tough guy action star Arnold Schwarzenegger lighten his image in kindergarten cop and in twins where he paired him with Danny DeVito Who are you Vincent's brother You tell your brother he messes with me He messes with my old family As a producer reitman unleashed the comic instincts of everyone from Michael Jordan in space jam to a slobbering saint Bernard in the family friendly Beethoven movies And in 2009 he even received an Oscar nomination for producing his son Jason's comedy up in the air The reitmans worked together again just last year on ghostbusters afterlife and as of last week the 75 year old producer had 8 projects in development including one called triplets in which Schwarzenegger and Devito discover they have a third sibling He was to be played by Eddie Murphy Ivan reitman always improvising moving the jokes Forward I'm bob Mandela Something strange Can you maybe do you gonna call If it's something we're never gonna do you're listening to all things considered And at 5 18 you're listening to it on 90.1 W ABE Good afternoon I'm Jim burris taking a look at the traffic.

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