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So we we I did a podcast in two, thousand, seven, two, thousand, eight, Sam. Was it. That early it was that early and by the way, be mean to tell you I found them. Or. Did we got to release those are ridiculous? They're pretty ridiculous logos tapes. I felt I found the last. I mean literally types. Hey. Easy? Young. How district? Tim Look. Seventy, but he's really not. that. Are we doing that? We're doing it because I thought we had gotten that all out before we actually put record what we're doing that because we're GONNA do my statement. Again again, I, I rate my age by how much younger I am than you, which is significantly Significantly. I'm not going to what significantly Maine's but continue it'll tell us to two thousand and seven or eight we. Would hang out a denny's you know Dennis you have that down in your world psycho their house. Wendy's we have. Denny's I think in Oakland. Okay maybe even. Yeah. Anyway. Diner Diner. Okay. We really young children. So you know we couldn't leave the house until. Way into bedtime bed boyd past bedtime. So We'd get together ten eleven pm at Denny's drink cheap coffee and talk. And when they said Hey was recording conversations. And that went that was so hugely successful. So. Massive. They made a movie like. A movie I thought there was there was a movie. Yeah, it was Kinda like it was on the hallmark channel. It was you know after school special kind of thing. You know it was. I think Brad, Pitt, Brad Pitt played me I think. Most definitely. Gilbert Godfrey who played you? Know.

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