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Left in the nfl season. We have gone on the episode for you. Is the route. Twenty two review with pips and jal at the harm of football myself. Everybody listening to us to not watching is to not listening to you when you headphones in the guy on the smarts. But he could wherever you are. Thank you very much joining us. You're with your host chris. Pepe the three hundred and seventy seven games superstar of the football club and the hottest with the most the great man. The grand poobah johnny. the jada wallace. Hell i you coin sir and hail feeling after another massive port. Adelaide win pips. I'm well hello. Everyone out there coming to us at one of our last show is for the season pips. It's coming to an end. Come into a name for some but not for others. But i'm peps. I am what a what a great week of forty for allied supporter. And also if you're brisbane supporter. But i tell you what that that sunday game. Lift me. energize that was one of the best dobesova same author. We're going to talk about that one. That was isolating derby guy dhabi guy. I don't know what it is really mad at you. Derby dhabi tomato. Exactly as long as it's a good game there wasn't too much dial kick markle. God pavlik sort of action and how was a great guy and so much talk about a huge weekend two forty longest. So we're going to go through many many paths. That i got to give me a weekend. Wrap up almost the light is the and has been lots of movement and even with one rammed ago. It's still not locked in. We'll give you the snakes. The letters to god with with spending some magnets rausing around the grounds with the news brought agree to south. Johnny splash. some kish. We're also getting into the right time. It solder things as well too. 'cause they starting to pick up as the last week into football kicks in injury updates the listener questions one week at on and you know what. We'll even throw some bits and pieces in there as bouncers so there's absolutely backup large to get into before we do. I'm gonna handed over to the fella john open. You want to start this one off more. Let's just start off with the big news coming out of melbourne. We did fuck. Oh what did you do. Did nothing literally did. Fuck all to a now olympics. You didn't go to any year. Get potty did you pips over the weekend in killed that well i'm gonna win to another one. That was at a brothel. That was good group. Therapy therapy it was a it was a group therapy session. Yes he heads. Dick heads while i think words cannot express stom- that is it was bullshit. Might three.

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