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On Super talk 99 7 Did Madison fulfilled? Valentine? How are you Got this from David loved David. Apparently, though he hates at least what I spoke about. In the first segment. Amanda's Why Waste time on the Russian bounty story? He says. Even if Trump was briefed on the subject, he is in charge of foreign policy and could legally choose to let the matter go. It is a non story for conservatives, David I appreciate all the emails that I get from you. I disagree with you on this one respectfully. But here is why We need to be able to speak about what the left is attacking President Trump on and if those attacks are unwarranted or unjustified Then we need to be able to call B s on this stuff. If I wouldn't talk about this, then least in my opinion, President Trump's in the conservative side would not be would not be uttered by anyone. So we need to make sure that when we see something that is absolute B s that the left in the media is doing that We call them out on that, By the way. I love this from Marco Rubio. He says. Ironically, many of those now politicizing the recent report in The New York Times questioned disputed and or downplayed indisputable proof. That Cassim Saleh Mani had a long track record of targeting and killing American troops they pick and choose what to believe, based on partisan politics. Marco Rubio. And he is absolutely right. What do we know about Cassim? Salamoni? This guy was part of a murderous dictator. He was a murderous dictator and a guy who was in charge of killing many, many people, and the media just decided to ignore that whole thing. So Kudos to Ah, Lot of the people like Marco Rubio. Who are you calling these folks out on their B s? By the way, there's a number of other things that are going on in the world today. Joe Biden has now come Out of the basement out of the bunker, and he finally gave a press conference. It's been what, three months so apparently Joe had AH, bit of a nap, and that's good for Joe. And a few of the things that he said. I'm just going to go ahead and play you some of the audio from that press conference. One of the things that he said, is that words matter the words of a president.

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