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And spaghetti sauce no meatballs for dinner as a result there was only one food debbie liked chocolate chip cookies but surprisingly cookies weren't what brought debbie into the business world the severe had good friends who invited them up to lake barry esa for vacation every summer they're debbie learn to water ski she put on her first pair of skis at age five and quickly began trying tricks and going much too fast she had four older sisters to keep up with after all and she wanted to be better than them if she could it turned out debbie was a bit of an adrenaline junkie and she soon gun into snow skiing as well when she was thirteen debbie decided she wanted her own skis it was nineteen sixty nine and all the girls at school had them her parents said sure she could have her skis as long as she worked for them debbie's parents instilled the idea that she could have any thing she wanted if she worked and this became a driving factor throughout her life debbie got a job as a ball girl for the oakland a's there she realized how much she enjoyed working unlike many teenagers debbie loved having a job she also loved having an income which supported her to loves skiing and cookies at thirteen debbie got into baking chocolate chip cookies only chocolate chip cookies she didn't try her hand at baking anything else partly because each girl in the civil house had declared herself a baking specialty following her sister's lead debbie enjoyed baking the toll house chocolate chip cookie recipe until she realized she could make it better debbie began experimenting playing around with proportions and baked times and testing the results on her friends and family who were more than happy to help most importantly she used her ballgirl wage ages to.

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