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Taft Hartley the mining of the Labor Movement. Fundamental horrible ships. Okay let's keep on going forward. You Know Bill Clinton right brings the Democratic or well Jimmy Carter. Greens the Democratic Party. Back in seventy six right but seventy acid setbacks in congress unable to really governors effectively as. He wants ninety. Two Bill Clinton gets elected. Ray Has the House and Senate. Ninety four terrible setbacks in and really disempowered moves to hard neoliberal liberal position two thousand eight Barack Obama an incredible victory Wins the presidency by large wins the House and Senate two thousand. Ten massive setbacks in congressional elections undermines his ability to govern going forward. You know the bottom line. Is this how you govern when you get our matters? Fundamentally and the only way to make Joe Biden govern in a way that will be good for Joe Biden and his party. Frankly is to is to put enormous pressure on him now and to actually communicate with them logically that he has to move to a more progressive position so yes. I would use the task forces US whatever vehicle is available and frankly I would use history because history is very very clear on this when Democratic Party governs with a progressive forward looking vision. He tends to do very very well. And it tends to hold its power and advance when it doesn't do so on the modern history certainly is of a real struggle to hold onto that power to do something meaningful and Michael. We can't afford it anymore. We can't we don't have. We don't have another presidency to waste brother. I'm not not your you're muted Michael Apologies. I was muted because there was a there was something really loud outside. I apologize for John. I'm just saying thank you so much really appreciate it as always. The book is the fight for the soul of the Democratic Party. The enduring legacy of Henry Wells anti-fascist. Antiracist politics grab it. Get a little dose of optimism but most importantly ground yourself in history that really is regardless of where you come down on these things that is the number one thing No future without a past. John thanks so much doings. Really honored to join thanks A great great conversation. Thank you so much. Stay safe below. All right guys I guess we're going to a.

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