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She's the one who told us along with the other democrats that all of these precious little valedictorian students were going to be deported on mass that's what she was telling us they're all going to be thrown out of the country none of them going to have jobs they're going to be thrown out of the country the ice man is gonna come round and round them all up and throw them out we're ten days removed from march fifth have you seen mass deportation of people the problem with it expiring is it's sort of the emphasizes that as an issue you can use with the democrats because i think deep down inside they know that nobody is going to throw these people out of the country so it's less of a bargaining chip now but there are the as the liberals like to say and the media the optics of it so if you can do something about the daca folks which whether whether or not children they were when they came here all did you do we have this story yesterday i don't remember whether we got to this yesterday we have california has appointed an illegal alien to a to a state office yeah and they're proud of california has its first illegal alien instead office after senate president pro tem tim kevin de leon kevin de leon appointed lisbeth mateo to the california student opportunity and access program project grant advisory committee matteo is an attorney born in mahyco came to the us illegally the age of fourteen with her parents who are also illegal aliens according to the sacramento bee so she's a duck she's a dreamer and she's got a gig nobody jeff sessions hasn't sent anybody to pick her up as he it's amazing none of these people are being bothered now we move onto the illegal.

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