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One zero five point nine appar, Chicago charter schools operated by Instituto del Progresso, Tino reached a tentative contract agreement with striking teachers ending. Three-day work stoppage started with five charter schools in the city. The teacher's union says they want concessions on classes and support services. The woman is accused of attacking her teenage daughter, Shannon. Her fourteen year old daughter down a staircase before beating her and their west side Austin helm, according to Cook County. Prosecutors authorities say the thirty nine year old mother got drunk and fell asleep on Wednesday night then woke up around four AM Thursday and attacked her daughter hitting her in the head and face with a hammer and bottle. It was a teacher who discovered the teenagers cuts to the nose and ear when she asked for a bandage girl was taken destroyed your hospital for treatment. Her mother was arrested later that day and charged with two counts of aggravated battery. She's being held on thirty thousand dollars bail. And if she posts three thousand dollars needed for release she has been ordered to stay away from her daughter rent. The Shannon is due in court again on Friday. Jennifer Keiper, News Radio one zero five point nine FM videos being described it to stir being triggered a probe in Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia commission on human relations says it is investigating. April seventeenth gathering at the Muslim American society. Philadelphia chapter a video from the event was posted on the chapters Facebook page showing children moving to a revolutionary anthem often used by his Llamas groups and two young girls. Reading from a prepared. Text. One of the girl says we will chop off their heads, and we will liberate the sorrowful and exalted Alexa, mosque the video has been taken down and the Muslim American society is condemning the words used in it, I Mike Rossier court TV is back after more than ten years recess the channel four legal junkies which thrived during the nineteen ninety s it's returning amid a true crime craze that its backers hope will launch it into a long second life China to deteriorate so do world markets, Len Walter.

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