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Easy is it look no it's not and in fact when i had a group uh that played in office cooler mateen been within one the lottery talk to me about what do they do and they had uh there were five of them and they collectively one about eighteen million dollars and i laugh with an in our said you know my wife and i don't play these small words and we will be in it and of course they laughed at me because they hit just want a secret he's gone or so uh one of the first things if you win the lottery is to make sure don't tell any body there's really no upside to telling anyone the key don't need to tell the only one who that you probably need could tell is a lawyer in a financial planner but two separate professions right because lawyers are financial planner and financial planners or not lowinterest so don't get a plumber to do it elections job and vice versa so looney by not telling anyone i've not really met anybody that can tell me will here's the upside in going on tv to tell everybody i'm not sure what that up sought is i don't think there is ups to dili hidden fact i think there's a lot of downside because when you go on tv and say i just one thirty two million dollars or whatever the number is you get painted a target on your back and people are going to target you friends and people you don't know krenz are going to come out of the woodwork quote unquote friends will come out of the would work as they already do when when i take uh uh some of my clients retain me so that they get anonymity now the words they don't want anybody to know that they want which is i think good advice because lawyer what happens is when i then become their agent tool trusting what have you how weak warp it um i get a lot of phone call from a lot of people that say hey there for it haven't carpio on crime i see that you won the lottery nursing other now we've a lottery while see your friend did uh what we got this investment i.

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