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Separatism short as like a giant umbilical cord weapons exact look like mickey rourke made of fetuses is what do you think he's made of now at this point they put the range of deaths from the incident around ten thousand two hundred thousand which is a nice always arab some people think that uh this was actually the start of the fall of the soviet regime there or this was the cause of its downfall they say that the government dissemination on the subject made people distrust them in a change relationship with government and the people i didn't cover all that in detail because it seems like the that's the effects of what happened rather than just the disaster itself and in fact it could probably do a whole episode on the effects of the disaster from our show if you had to summarise what you learn what would you say i would say when doc brown ask for one point twenty one jiggle watts don't skimp on the fuck and jiggle watson mall so don't conduct tests on a nuclear reactor whilst running that's like experimenting on the different propulsion methods from the bus from the movie speed after it's already reached fifty five all right will you rental whole article and gave us ample material to joke around about but can you assure five the gauntlet of questions by aarp panelists on chernobyl related trivia but like a ukrainian firefighter i'm ready to die trying you betcha rescue her okay jewish tartus off here all right sizzle when designing a nuclear power plant what pieces are not absolutely essential but highly recommended.

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