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Morning we do have sixty confirmed cases here within our own borders reports from NBC and other sources indicate tens of thousands of Americans though are in self quarantine at the suggestion or request of local governments these are all volunteers that are self sequestering themselves according to the CDC's own website however we have actually only tested four hundred and forty five people for covert nineteen that sars co V. number two with the sixteen confirmed to have it so let me say that again so far we have only use the test on four hundred and forty five people sixteen have confirmed to have had it South Korea has tested thirty seven thousand citizens and found one thousand seven hundred and sixty six cases including five hundred and five new cases since yesterday it seems the more people they task the more cases they discover Italy has tested twenty two thousand three hundred and fifty and if found five hundred and twenty eight cases according to the CDC's website and confirmed by NBC news today the U. S. has only actually tested those four hundred and forty five people so about five percent of Americans if actually tested may have may get a confirmation that they have cove it nineteen as of this morning however only twelve labs in the U. S. are capable of performing positive tests for covert nineteen now two days ago that number was only five so that's why we're testing so few people now here's the good news the good news is the government is on it and shipping these tests out and major hospitals have the ability to make their own tests for it yes nobody has had it yet the CDC now admits that forty seven states and thirty overseas embassies and military bases were sent fifty five thousand test kits over the last two weeks but they were all recalled because they were faulty new kids have been sent and should arrive in all of the U. S. labs and hospitals today or tomorrow upping testing can capacity to over twenty states by this time tomorrow other experts are concerned that the CDC's policy has been to only test people who both had risk of exposure travel to Korea or China and we're showing symptoms despite the fact the disease has a fourteen plus day incubation period and is contagious he isn't even without the symptoms president trump yesterday insisted in his press conference that we are testing everyone who needs to be tested when asked about the low rate of testing he said not all experts agree now we have the first community case of corona virus meaning one that is does not have any connection or known connection to China related exposure they've been in the hospital nine days before they were tested UC Davis hospital requested a covert nineteen testing kit on two nineteen but it was declined by the CDC virologist indicate this makes it virtually impossible now to determine the spread risk because without knowing who is infected we can't determine who's come into contact with the virus it's like trying to solve a mystery without having access to any of the clues local governments now are monitoring hundreds of suspected cases that have not been formally tested due to the lack of testing kits again those testing kids should be available in twenty states by this time tomorrow and all of the states by next week the other some very risky misconceptions about the corona virus that we just don't know yet scientists are now warning that there is a very strong misconception because this is the way the flu usually is but it is not this way in corona virus and that serious misconception is that once you've been given the viral infection your immune it's called the chicken pox math are used to you know give people a little bit of the chicken pox the kids and it makes you immune it's it's why we can create some sort of a a shot for a flu shot if you get your flu shot did you get immunized yet for your flu well we can only create that because once you have it your antibodies start to grow and then you have a real resistance post infection unfortunately that is not true with what is any print is it mirrors the Emmy R. S. meristem via mers disease or sars one where most recovered patients show little antibody response post infection and therefore reinfection is the risk of that is really high early studies indicate that re infection risk with sars Kobe to crown a virus is also very high and the mortality rate for reinfection is is high as thirty percent so if you get it once and your re infected your mortality rate can go from one percent to thirty percent China and Japan today have just confirmed recovered patients are becoming re infected with cove it nineteen the body cannot fight it another misconception that since the risk appears to be relatively low for younger people you shouldn't worry about any kind of preventive measures I have always been someone that has spoken up against anti bacterial soap you know as a regular run a course of events in your life it just weakens your system putting anti bacterial soap into your body because most of the germs you can handle so everything generally speaking that you touch every day you your body should be strong enough to fight it and by using anti bacterial soap it makes the bacteria even stronger and your body weaker however with that being said everyone should have anti bacterial soap with them in their purse in their pocket on their desk you should constantly when you touch something shake somebody's hands you should be using anti bacterial soap you should be washing your hands a lot now this this dismisses if you're if you are looking and saying well this is just you know this is fine for younger people and I've only got young kids it's after it's after but you have to take the precautions because you will be a carrier of this you can pass this disease to higher risk people the elderly it also ignores the rest that this virus will mutate inside of your body and the more infected people there are the overall chances go way up that the virus will mutate into something even more deadly with all of this being said I want you to remember that this is a flu we are still fighting the Spanish flu every single year the flu season you get your flu shot that is the remnant of the Spanish flu that was introduced in nineteen eighteen that was the last pandemic we hope that this spring things will start to calm down but I have news on that coming in just a second the travel restrictions now and I urge you don't cancel your plans until the last minute I know somebody that was going to Disney world today they canceled their trip yesterday you don't know this could get much better in the weeks to come it could be much worse in the weeks to come but if you're cancelling now I just give me the example people who canceled their trip to Italy on what Monday they paid a penalty by the next day are the what's the name of the airline Italian airlines decided that they were going to remove all restrictions so there are penalties and everything else that will apply now wait before you have to go before you make.

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