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Employers happen told they'll, be, laid off a source quoted by the New York Post says with Ivanka having left to become. A White House staffer in April of two thousand seventeen the brand never recovered the president's daughter saying in a statement. She's beyond grateful and excited for the next chapter James flippin NBC, News Radio New. York General Motors will become the first major automaker to offer peer to peer car sharing. This is a way. For owners and eligible lessees to earn money by renting their personal Chevrolet Buick GMC or Cadillac the car sharing program will utilize the maven urban. Mobility service platform TM vice president Julius Stein says, your, car, is one of the most expensive things you own sitting idle it's a wasted asset, she goes on to say that, mavens peer-to-peer, offering is, a smart way for. Owners to offset their vehicle investment a e, NBC News Radio Papa. John's board of directors reportedly is trying To keep its. Founder from taking over the company the Louisville journal, courier reported on Sunday that company. Leaders are considering a poison. Pill to keep John schnatter from retaking the company because he still owns twenty nine percent of it. Should have resigned as, chairman of the company that bears his name earlier this month after using a. Racial slur but more. Recently has said he's had a change, of heart schnatter said he used the n. word. During a meeting as, a, way to emphasize how much he hates racism Tom Roberts NBC News Radio the global business travelers. Association sees airfares and hotel rates going up next year they predict to two point six percent bump an airfare and..

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