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Now also the utah jazz just before the series began i think quin snyder is a coach of the year it's been it's been remarkable no gordon hayward no rodney hood after the trade with with the cavs and look what he's done with his team and they win tonight they're up three one right now they're down thirty to twenty two without coming up on the end of the first quarter but just being in this position with everything that they lost and what he's done with in my opinion the rookie of the year and really go bear traded from philadelphia utah he's got a rookie he is in my eyes according to the letter of the law the league he is because he didn't in my league book the book and not the same is my friend i understand but my rookie of the year is that guy in utah and quin snyder remarkable job and these due to your point before the series began will fight you to the end until hell freezes over and his tcu football says i'll fight you on the ice and that's these guys right now they are it's going to be a tough out no matter what and it'd be it's gonna be very interesting after this series is over to see what these franchises doing the directions they're going oklahoma city leading up to the end of first quarter thirty two twenty four win by utah they'll put a stranglehold in the series win by oklahoma city it'll be tied at two that's part of straight talk wireless nationwide coverage on america's largest and most dependable four g lt networks you can reach us anytime at the winning hundred flowers dot com twitter feed at coleman espn at ianfitz espn and also at.

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