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One with the good also on finding inspiration for their music every day there's something different that'll inspire you I mean just the fact of just picking up a guitar and and accidentally playing the right three chords can spark inspiration and to create something I mean I was living in New York just taking a walk with with inspiring just the energy of the city the other thing that inspired me a lot was working with some guys who have a very very very very hard core work ethic they pursue a piece of music collector hunting or something you have to stick it out and keep working at things once the inspiration heads it goes away and the rest is very much like slash I heart radio for more goo dolls and all your favorite artists I heart radio goes one on one with Bryan Adams to discuss the difficulties of putting a record together particularly the reckless now if you knew it reckless took to make you wouldn't think that it all just sounds like a you know a plan after recording a record because ice under I told of that record for six months you know I mean it was a really was one of the hardest things I ever did and I was completely wiped out afterwards you know because I fought every way every step of the way with everybody about it and even though I had a good team yeah it was last troubles but and I come to terms with with the fact that you know if you want something bad enough you got to fight for it and so that's what I do now I just and I put together a good entourage of guys and go in there and just get in the scrum and listening to I heart radio for more Bryan Adams and all your favorite artists so you know you can listen at home by telling Alexa play J. N. S. T. on heart radio enjoy the stimulation trump said in at last sound bite we played with Maria Bartiromo he said.

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