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Whereas like with Paul he he didn't even talk strategy real strategy with anyone because it was just him by himself running everyone with Anthony. It's like, it's Anthony, it's Mark. It's Dane, and it's Adam and Anthony is just one step ahead. And but there's still a lot of like actual conversation. And there's like a balance of power where you know. Sure. Anthony's doing better than those other guys. But those other guys are still in with shot. So I think that makes a huge difference. Like you like people who are controlling, but there is some opposition as well. You don't wanna see clean a clean sweep clean sweet. So. We then get Adam inquiry. Adam is gonna talk to Corey about their four him. Sam Corey Anthony. Still time still in his head there. They talk about taking ST out over Dane, and Adam things that is as a possibility, but you know, corey's still kind of like we'll see we'll see trying to keep this keep this vague. And Adam the important part here is that Adam says he will be gunning for the veto. And if he wins it he will not use it and Corey does not find an angle to to push otherwise at the moment. So Adam really wants to win the veto. He really wants to not use the veto right now. They're kind of this is the flaw in pudding ST on the block. It's also the stalemate your at of Corey can't doesn't have a good reason why Adam should use it when Anna Mont STL, and Adam can't come up with a whole lot of our reasons why ST should be the target over Dane for someone like Corey. So. Yeah. I mean, putting if you if corey's ideal second option is for deigned to go home in an event where they both stay on the block. That's this is the problem with putting up. Yeah. Yeah. So we then get adamant Sam Sam is still concerned about Corey. She's really worried about this Adams, don't worry about it. I just had a really great conversation Corey we are fine. We are good. Look, we didn't touch the block. Again, you have to trust me got this. Adam is going to be so mad when Sam goes up. It's like he is going to blow up it's going to be big didn't put he like they've been priming him for this all season. He can't you can't like not see it coming. He really doesn't. He he he feel because he feels like he did he just made a thing. We've Cory and that like it's this is Corey it's not the guys he doesn't see how much Anthony is controlling Corey. And I don't know if he will. I don't know Anthony will blame this all on Corey see how much Anthony's control and Corey when Anthony is constantly saying I've got Cory. Oh, yeah. She does whatever I tell her like getting the structure of the alliance, Mary he doesn't control her. He's just really smart, and what he says make sense she listens. He uses truths. It's been said so many times of why this is not the brigade. But it's because no one none of these people realize like they can't both stick with the alliance and bring all of their pairs to the end. Doesn't matter. You notice that we somehow almost at the end of this. We've mentioned Mark leg zero times feeling really good about trading in for all my marks. Mark only Mark sold. Everything about only might have been the best choice. This. Sure,.

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